Things that make me go mmmmm

Things that make me go mmm . . .

After spending 3 weeks in Phuket, Thailand, its hard to come back to Winter in Melbourne! The ugg boots, wooly jumpers, beanies and scarves have come out of storage to help keep warm & toasty. I’m sure the people in that hot air balloon (above – Melbourne in the morning) would have been triple rugged up! How are you all keeping warm this Winter? Is there anything special you do to help keep warm or do you have a favourite meal you love to cook?

Here’s the Winter warming dishes I’m loving this week:

Cajun roasted veggies as a salad? I love the idea Sandra from Please Pass the Recipe.

The French Revolution has shown us how to enjoy polenta with meatballs – yumm!

Catching up on The Chef’s Line, a cooking show on the SBS Food channel, where home cooks compete against professional chefs. I’ve just finished Chinese week and I just love tea smoked duck! Yumm!

Donut bouquets, would warm my heart for sure, especially the chocolate ones 😉 I found out about these on The Luxe’s Cut FB page.



Mummy Confessions has some great meal plans for easy, fuss free dinners the whole family should love.

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