In my Kitchen August 2017

Hey everyone, I missed you all so much! I’m back from Thailand and ready & rearing to go. I’ve been inspired by Thailand’s food, as I do every time hubby & I go there. I was lucky enough to taste some amazing home cooked meals, which has brought out my desire to try and replicate them now I’m home. 

Here are a few goodies from Thailand. The photo of the bottles below are from a local Asian grocer in Prahran to help me recreate the recipes I was shown. Some of them really don’t have anything to do with food but they were in my kitchen when hubby & I got back from Thailand.

Above is pork crackling in a packet!! Hell yeah!! Apart from Pringles, these were my favourite snack on holiday I couldn’t get enough. Perfect snack for drinking beer in the warm weather and could be bought at any 7/11, if there was any left! I think they were TBH55, which is roughly AU$2 a bag! Bargain! A few were brought back to Oz.

Chilli sauce, soybean paste, jasmine broken rice and a seasoning sauce from an Asian grocer in Prahran. I’m not sure if these are the exact condiments I need to make a pork, tomato and onion dish; a pork mince with eggplant dish or spicy, chilli peanuts but that’s why I test everything on my friends and family first 😉 When I got shown how to make these dishes, the bottles were all written in Thai! So without going to a Thai grocer, which I’ve found in Richmond, these will do for now. I know what condiments and ingredients are needed in each recipe but quantity is unknown. The blue throw rug behind the bottles was a little present given from our first resort we stayed in 🙂 I’ll use it in food photos as well as a bed throw. Don’t you just love the colour!

Here’s my Rayban sunglasses – prescription tortoiseshell and the mirrored ‘fake’ ones. I need to get my prescription ones checked now I’m back home as I think they’re a bit too strong.

This is a pork seasoning that was used in the pork, tomato and onion dish. I have no idea what’s in it but it added so much flavour to the dish. I bought these at a 7/11 in Thailand.

A Pad Thai cookbook, showing the Pad Thai noodle and rice recipes from all across Thailand.

We always try to get stubby (beer) coolers whenever we’re at a new place, wherever we are in the world. (You can never have too many beer coolers!) I love wearing caps, especially when I’m exercising, and they’re great protection from the sun on my fair head. They are easy to pack as well 🙂

More about Thailand by the end of the week in a blog post.

If you’d love to share the goodies in your kitchen with us, we’d to love to have you join us – no matter where you are in the world. Simply publish your IMK post on your blog by the 10th of every month and leave a comment with Sherry at Sherry’s Pickings.

15 comments on “In my Kitchen August 2017

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  2. I am intrigued by the jasmine broken rice. I have never seen that before 🙂

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    • I had never seen it before either Tandy, which is why I had to have it 🙂 When cooked it looked an tasted like Jasmine rice but the grains were smaller. It was delicious and a change from the long grain x

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  3. One of the best bits about going on holiday is coming back with foodie haul.

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  4. Nicole, it was fun reading about your travel and eating adventures. I loved that you included a photo of your sunglasses, too! The cobalt blue throw rug is beautiful. Bold colors and bold flavors are appealing. Have fun recreating those dishes at home!

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    • Thank you Kim. I sometimes think about writing about my adventures but I’m not a very descriptive writer! I have begun recipe testing and should have recipes up over the next couple of weeks. Love having you here for #IMK x


  5. It’s always fun to bring food products home from holiday. Even better if you can recreate some of the food you ate there!

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  6. Did you take photos of the home-cooked meals and your friends/acquaintances’ kitchens? It would be great to see them!
    best… mae at

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    • I will go through my photos Mae to see what I have. It’s something I didn’t look too much into as I was amazed with the quality of food 🙂 Great seeing you for #IMK x


  7. Hi Nicole
    sounds like you had a great holiday. yes the blue throw is very pretty. have fun with all your Thai goodies. I love the packet for the rice – Double Dragon. thanks for joining in IMK, and have a great month. cheers sherry x

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  8. Welcome home and happy cooking in August!

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