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How to make your own Asian bao buns (Gua Baos)


As I was writing my ‘Where can I find Asian bao buns in Melbourne?’ all I could think about was my next post – how to make your own bao buns at home. This is something that I am yet to try but as soon as our Grand Prix party is over I will be trying to make them for sure. We’re just loving bao buns at the moment!

Why do I want to make my own bao buns when I can just buy store bought? I suppose it’s the same as when I make my own dumplings wrappers – there’s an enjoyment I get from making them myself. To say that I can actually challenge myself and I know they taste amazing makes me smile. I also like to compare the buns with buying off the rack or making them myself.

The following bao bun recipes are ones that I found inspiring to help me make my own buns. They all look delicious, all have easy to follow recipes, some with photo tutorials (which is fantastic, especially if you’re new to making bao buns, like me!) and all of them use different flours and ingredients. And I love that all of these recipes show you how easy it is to make different sized buns too!

I hope if you take the challenge and make your own bao buns that you send through your recipes so I can add them to my post (just leave your recipes in the comments below). I love to hear how you all found making them and if they were worth making them from scratch or not. Happy bao bun making 🙂

A Kitchen Cat Gua bao recipe

Tash from A Kitchen Cat and her Gua Baos looks a bit yummy!

A Steamy kitchen pork belly buns recipe 8360

Jaden from A Steamy Kitchen shows off her delicious Pork Belly buns.

Chopstick Chronicles Pulled Pork Bao Buns 8

These Pulled pork bao buns look too good to pass up, from Shihiko & Elizabeth at Chopstick Chronicles.

Notes of bacon Gua bao with spicy fried chicken recipe

Rosie’s Gua Boas with spicy fried chicken looks moreish! Check it out at Notes of Bacon.

Tiny Urban Kitchen traditional pork belly buns recipe

Traditional pork belly buns (gua boas) look amazing, from Jen at A Tiny Urban Kitchen.

Everyday Gourmet steamed Chinese buns recipe

Justine from Everyday Gourmet has Peking duck steamed Chinese buns – yumm!

and last but never least . . . chicken bao steamed buns recipe shows off their Chicken bao steamed buns. I could go some right now 🙂

A BIG thank you goes out to all my new foodie friends for allowing me to use their photos and recipes on bao bun making. You’ve all inspired me to try making my own bao buns at home xx

7 comments on “How to make your own Asian bao buns (Gua Baos)

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  2. These bao seem to be really popular in Perth at the moment, too. I’ve had good ones and some really terrible (rock hard!) ones, so I’m curious as to how difficult they are to make yourself. I need to try out some of these recipe links and fillings. Great list!

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    • After trying them, I can’t get enough! I think this may be our new addiction 😉 I’ve actually seen bao sliders at some food trucks, I may have to try them next Laura. Good luck xx


  3. These have been on my to-do list for ever. I’ve made Jamie Olivers cheat ones made with coconut milk and flour but haven’t gone all out yet and attempted the real deal. You’ve gotten my mouth watering and it’s not even 9am!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Food inspiration always gets my mouth watering, everyday when I look at everyone’s beautiful blogs! I can’t wait to give them a try myself, especially now as the Grand Prix is over xx


  4. These all look amazing 😍😍

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