In My Kitchen June 2014

Hello to you all. This is my first time at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial’s In My Kitchen party and I’m so excited! This is a fantastic way to make new friends from all over the world, which not only share the love of food but love sharing stories of what’s in their kitchens – there’s some great inspiration out there and something for everyone – what’s in your kitchen?

This month In My Kitchen . . .


MissFoodFairy's Curry Nation cookbook . . . I found Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation cookbook at a book sale while I was walking around the city one afternoon. It was on sale (bargain price of $10!) and I held on to it so tight so no one else could take it from me! I have been looking for this cookbook ever since Curry Nation TV series started. Not all her recipes from the show are on her website or on the BBC’s recipe site, so now I have them forever. Great kitchen addition. PS. I love cookbooks! My collection is growing every week – happy days!


MissFoodFairy's raw beetroot

. . . A bunch of baby beetroot. It took me a week to decide what to make with it. I ended up making this Lamb & beetroot curry, served with turmeric rice, inspired from my Curry Nation cookbook – of course! Delicious!


MissFoodFairy's Pumpkin

. . . One large homegrown pumpkin. Not from my garden – I live in the city & our balcony’s not big enough for a veggie patch! This came from my mum’s sister-in-law’s farm – thank you. I decided to make a slow-cooked pumpkin soup and a Thai-style coconut pumpkin soup. My sister makes a pretty mean pumpkin soup, but prefers using Butternut pumpkin.


MissFoodFairy's roasted pumpkin seeds

. . . The leftover pumpkin seeds are now roasted! I normally throw them out but I’ve been told they’re very beneficial to your health. And they look good added to curries or just eaten by themselves. Still haven’t figured out what to use them in yet – it will come to me!


MissFoodFairy's Indian Balti serving dishes   MissFoodFairy's Indian serving dishes

. . . I found these at Aldi a couple of weeks ago. Each design were only $19.95 for one large dish and $19.95 for two smaller dishes. When the catalogue came out, I marked it in my phone to remind me to buy them, that’s how excited I was about them! I almost freaked out as one Aldi store had already sold out! But my amazing sister drove me to a second Aldi store to get the last set of bowls! She’s awesome! How beautiful are they! And they are actually made in India and have proper copper bases!


MissFoodFairy's strawberries
. . . Strawberries, another bargain. I wish I could say they came from a Farmer’s Market but I was desperate for strawberries to finalise my dessert. A fruit and vegetable store in Belmont, Geelong called Fruit Shack were selling them for 49 cents per punnet! Perfect – way cheaper than Coles or Woolworths!


MissFoodFairy's new Moroccan mugs & blue plate

. . . I’m adding a little colour into my crockery this month – joys of having white crockery, every colours works well! I saw these Moroccan-inspired mugs on the K-Mart ad. My sister bought some and they looked pretty, so I had to have some too (we do that quite a lot!) I also found this serving plate for 50 cents! I love bargains!


MissFoodFairy's macaron present

. . . Thank you to Cam for some yummy macarons – they travelled from Sandringham to home, in my husband’s pocket which is why they’re a bit crumpled. They were delicious and not too sweet! Not a big fan of overly sweet macarons. There were two chocolate, one pistachio and the orange one I couldn’t tell the flavour but it was still yummy!


MissFoodFairy's SamesamebutDifferent cookbook   MissFoodFairy's Samesamebut Different cookbook signing

The last item In My Kitchen this month is Poh’s Same Same but Different cookbook. I love Poh (Masterchef Australia series one) and have been following her cooking shows since she left Masterchef. I haven’t had the opportunity to cook anything from it yet but I’m very inspired with a few of her recipes – need to find some quail for a recipe on page 4. We went to Poh’s cookbook launch and came home with a signed copy! Very happy 🙂

Contact Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to join us and see other kitchens from around the world.

34 comments on “In My Kitchen June 2014

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  2. Nicole, welcome to IMK! It must have been quite a chore to clean and cook that huge pumpkin, but what wonderful results! (I love curry, too.) Your copper pots are so pretty, and the story about your hubby toting home macarons in his pocket was priceless. Thanks for the smile!


    • Thank you Kim, it’s great to be a part of such a lovely foodie party. I love meeting new people with the same passion for food. How good are curries? Stay posted as there’s more curry recipes coming up due to the cold weather – brrrrrr. See you soon


  3. So nice to meet you and visit your kitchen. I love toasted pumpkin seeds in my soup instead of croutons 🙂


  4. Hi Nicole! I had fun peeking through your kitchen, this is my first IMK as well! Love the pumpkin, makes me crave pumpkin soup. Looking forward to seeing more!


    • I’ll be coming past to look in your kitchen shortly. It so much fun, isn’t it? Nothing like a big bowl of homemade pumpkin soup, it’s great comfort food. It’s nice to have you here


  5. Welcome Miss Food Fairy, to IMK. I love Madhur Jaffrey and have a book of her’s that is well thumbed so when she popped up on TV earlier in the year, I was delighted. That was a real bargain so I’m envious. Thanks for the tour. xx


    • Thank you, it’s great to be part of IMK. I love everything curry at the moment and these Indian serving dishes are just perfect. Thank you for coming past, lovely to meet you


  6. Loved watching Madhur Jaffrey’s cooking programs and of course love Indian food. That is one huge pumpkin, I am sure you had enough to feed the neighbors. Cute indian dishes and I have something similar. Fresh strawberries and beetroot, wonderful. Thank you for a peek into your kitchen. 🙂


    • Thank you for stopping by to see what’s in my kitchen. The pumpkin fed my husband & myself, my sister’s family and froze about 4 cups for later (when I can’t be bothered cooking!) Look forward to seeing you again next month


  7. I love Madhur Jaffrey recipes but haven’t got the chance to blog about it. I love that copper based pots too. Thanks for your lovely comment……


    • If there’s one thing I love is all Asian cuisine! Curries, curries and more curries we just can’t get enough of. Thank you for coming past, it’s great to see you here


  8. nancy@jamjnr

    Aldi is great for random kitchenware bargains and your copper ware is perfect for your curries. Thanks for the peek in your kitchen this month.


  9. The Life of Clare

    How great are those beetroot and pumpkin! I’ve never roasted the pumpkin seeds, but I think I’ll have to now. Thanks for sharing.


    • I’ll post about roasting pumpkin seeds next time I get a pumpkin – I didn’t take photos of step by step. I didn’t know I was going to roast them at the time! So easy and they taste great straight from the oven. Good to nibble on as they are or can be added to dishes, which I’m still to use. Thank you for stopping by


  10. I loved watching Curry Nation! I’ll have to look out for the cookbook now. And those Aldi dishes are the perfect thing to serve your new creations in! Thanks for playing, Nicole! 🙂


  11. Hi Nicole, Those Indian dishes are great. I wish we had an Aldi store over here.


    • They haven’t opened one in WA yet? Shame! Maybe log onto their website and if you have people you know in a state that there’s an Aldi, get them to buy things for you & ship it over – just a thought. Thanks for stopping by


  12. A great first IMK post. Aldi often has the most random, little treasures, but you do have to be quick, they often sell out quickly. Your pots look beautiful.


    • Thank you Danielle, they are just gorgeous – I love my new serving dishes! And you’re right, must get in quick with Aldi as they don’t stay around too long, that’s for sure.Thank you for visiting


  13. theintolerantchef

    I loved Curry Nation too, but haven’t seen the cookbook yet, $10 is a steal! Lots of other goodies indeed- thanks for the tour 🙂


    • Thank you for coming past IMK. Curry Nation is a wonderful addition to my cookbook collection – I just love it! Great to meet you


  14. Hi Nicole, welcome to the IMK family. I love Madhur Jaffrey too, i have several of her books. We eat Indian food frequently just because we love it, but I paid $20 each for my Indian copper curry bowls!


    • It’s great to be part of the IMK family. I’ve got plenty to share with you all. Thank you for pointing out the price of the serving bowls – I adjusted that, thank you


  15. Those Indian style dishes were a great pick up from Aldi and how lucky you are to have a signed Poh cook book! Welcome to IMK Nicole and thanks for the tour 🙂


    • I’m loving meeting new people through IMK, thank you for stopping by. Poh’s cookbook is inspiring & I was very lucky to meet Poh in person, she’s so cute!


  16. Yum, Yum and Yum! I just post my first IMK as well, it fantastic looking into all the wonderful world of food bloggers! Thanks for sharing I look forward to other post from you! Liz


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