Masterclass with Oriental Teahouse owner David Zhou


On Saturday 16th of February this year, I had the privilege of cooking with David Zhou, owner of The Oriental Teahouse and about 45 of his ‘closest’ friends at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Learning how to prepare dumplings by Melbourne’s “Dumpling & Tea Master” was a great experience!

David is so down to earth and full of interesting facts about how to prepare sticky rice and the medicinal purposes of ginger! He came around to make sure each table of eager students were going about the preparation of the Shanghai Shu Mai correctly, which is one of his amazing dishes he makes & serves at his restaurants.

I learnt how to do a cooked dumpling filling, as opposed to a raw filling that I have been used to. It was a very different approach but something that worked really well with steamed dumplings.

With my love for Asian cuisine, I would have to say this Masterclass is one I’d do over & over again, without hesitation. and we even got to take the recipe home too!

So that’s my finished Shu Mai – pretty impressive huh!


Thank you for inspiring me David.

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