The food ventures of Miss Food Fairy in 2013


Happy New Year to you all! We hope you all had a lovely time over the Christmas/New Year period with all your friends and family. All our well wishes go out to you and your loved ones for a fantastic food year ahead! I hope you all enjoy the recipes that will be coming your way in 2014. (Unfortunately we weren’t home for the Melbourne fireworks this year. This photo is courtesy of The Herald-Sun, Melbourne)

Your continued support brings a smile to my face. Thank you so much

When I started my food blog I had no idea that within such a short period of time that I would have so many readers who share the same passion for food as I do. This blog started so I would have somewhere for my recipes to be in one spot, instead of on loose pieces of paper and exercise books around the house! I am so glad to be sharing with each and everyone of you. I wouldn’t be here today without you.

This year, Miss Food Fairy will continue to trial new recipes, from not only what’s inside my head but also from my many cookbooks or other amazing recipes found all over the world via the internet. I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more feedback and interaction from you. The inspiration I find from every available source keeps me wanting to become a better home cook for not only my husband, family and friends but for you to see the growth in me too.

I wanted to start the new year off with a recap of the year that was 2013. Whether you’ve been with me from the beginning or you’ve recently joined my food venture, there’s always inspiration to be found from re-reading posts. The one thing I do know is that new photos will have to be taken soon – but it shows the growth I’ve made from day one and they’re inspiration for me to strive better.

Lets begin with my favourite cuisine – hope you enjoyed them too!

Asian inspired recipes:
Yakitori skewers


My handmade homemade chicken dumplings
Sichuan dipping sauce
101 Dumplings – Part 1 & Part 2
Rice paper rolls with chicken and vermicelli noodles
Pork and cabbage dumplings in mushroom broth
Shanghai Shu Mai
My sisters fried rice

Honey soy chicken

Breakfast or brunch delights:
Spanish omelette
Spinach and potato frittata

Healthy Salads:
Moroccan cous cous
My deliciously healthy prawn salad


Meat, poultry and seafood recipes:
French sautéed chicken drumsticks with a tarragon sauce
 The best ever chicken schnitzel
Hungarian savoury mince
Brussels sprouts meatballs


Romesco sauce
Super easy and tasty salsa
Homemade egg-free mayonnaise

Cream of celery soup

Celery soup
My sisters pumpkin soup
 My minestrone

Pasta, rice and other grain recipes:
Pasta romesco with mushrooms
Chicken and asparagus penne

Cheats custard tarts

Spinach and ricotta pie


1 comment on “The food ventures of Miss Food Fairy in 2013

  1. The fireworks on NYE look fantastic! Looking forward to lots of new ideas & inspiration. Enjoy what you do it’s great 🙂


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