Things that make me go mmmmm

Things that make me go mmm . . .

I’ve been a bit hooked with some of the shows on the SBS Food Network channel (Australia) – Man, Fire Food; Burgers, Brew & ‘Que and even Dinner at Tiffani’s (I know, I know, another show where a TV star cooks but it was on before Man, Fire Food & some of the things Tiffani Thiesson cooks, aren’t too bad!) If you like S’mores, make your own as Tiffani did – they look soooooo good, don’t they! I may have to give them a try one night when it’s BBQ weather. Enjoy xx

A few other items that have made me go mmm this week . . .

If you live in Melbourne or are visiting Melbourne in November, head to the Night Noodle Markets 9th-26th. I may see you there πŸ˜‰ I went two years ago – it’s a foodie heaven! Sure there are queues for most of the food trucks but they move quite quickly so you never go hungry.

Coffee plunger (press) sitting in the cupboard, collecting dust? Here’s a 9 tips that go beyond coffee to get more use, other than coffee, for your coffee plunger. Mine’s coming out of hibernation now πŸ™‚

Golden Gaytime is being made into a sandwich! So excited – are you excited as much as me?

Sichuan style lamb ribs – yes please! Everyday of the week πŸ˜‰

And to end, this made me smile. Maybe it’s a little too close to my heart πŸ™‚ Are you like me & think about food all the time!

What makes you go mmm this week? Love hearing from you so leave me a comment & I’ll get right back to you x

4 comments on “Things that make me go mmm . . .

  1. Hello Miss Food Fairy,
    I was recently in Chistochina, Alaska and went to to a ”Cook Out” (campfire circled with rocks). Our hosts treated us to s’mores where we first toasted marshmellows on prongs, then placed the marshmellow on a rectangular sweet cookie (biscuit), placed the toasted marshmellow on the cookie and added a square of milk chocolate. Then balanced the s’more on a rock, watching the chocolate melt through the haze of the smoke. When sufficiently melted, we removed the s’more and topped it with another cookie. My advice…try it and you be the judge!

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    • Helen, I’m drooling all over my laptop! Those s’mores sound absolutely amazing! I want some right now πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience x


  2. yep i do think about food most of the time- new recipes/making things/cookbooks/chefs/cooking shows etc etc. what else is there in life really? :=)

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