Things that make me go mmmmm

Things that make me go mmm . . .

Being without a computer for the past week or two seemed like the end of the world! My charger had called it quits so I couldn’t write any new posts 😦 But the good thing about not having a computer was not checking my emails, Facebook and other social medias every minute of the day. It’s actually quite a relief and a little refreshing. I still had my phone to find inspiration this week which I was glad to still be in touch with the outside world. Recipes and testing has been going well so will be posting more over the next two weeks 🙂

Do these recipes make you go mmm too?

I’m trying to figure out what to make with all these goodies (above). Any ideas? #whatshouldicook

I’ve always wanted to try meat and potato pierogi’s and now I can! Have you tried them before? What’s your favourite filling?

Yakisoba sauce is something I’ve been intrigued about for a while. Great Japanese marinade or finishing sauce. Better get my Japanese hat on for inspiration!


Now I’m not one to make my own bread. Sure I’ve tried but either I’m in a rush and want it now or I’m doing something wrong. But I’m willing to give these garlic bread pizza braids a try!

After watching Poh’s Kitchen on ABC, I fell in love with a dessert episode, where chocolate eclairs and Malaysian fried meringues were made. After searching, searching and more searching for the eclair recipe, finally came up trumps. Sweet tooths, these are for you!

Enjoy xx

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