Things that make me go mmmmm

Things that make me go mmm . . .

When I’m not recipe testing or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, I love researching my cookbooks. And when I have an idea in my head, cookbooks are my inspiration. They help give me the push I need, to know if I was heading in the right direction with my cooking idea or gives me the courage to try something new. After our Thailand holiday, all the Thai cookbooks come out to help me remember the dishes I’d love to reproduce. Kojiro loves helping me make the right choices in cooking too! Have a wonderful weekend beautiful people xx

These are the things I’m loving this week –

Who can go past ribs? These crispy fried ribs look delicious, don’t they?

Speaking of ribs, sticky beef ribs with a macadamia Bulgogi sauce look too good to refuse!

Another favourite of mine is meatballs. These Southern-style Bourbon meatballs sound Ahh-May-Zing!!

Get in my belly beautiful kidney bean, cumin, and beef polpettes with Torta al Testo.

And in case you feel like a meatless Monday dish, I found this quite enticing. Who doesn’t love a great lasagne dish, and with this mushroom & spinach lasagne, I’d skip the meat too! Don’t you agree!

Or why not add these yummy parmesan potato stacks to your next meal – yes please!

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  1. Mmmmm, those Parmesan potato stacks look so good!

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