Things that make me go mmmmm

Things that make me go mmm . . .

We’ve been lucky  since returning from holiday in Thailand, with the weather. For Winter, it really hasn’t been too bad, yet today Winter has reared it’s true colours with the cold temperatures and rain. I’m not complaining, it just makes me want to cook the food we ate while in Thailand. Possibly to bring back the memories of warmer weather 😉 but to also inspire me to cook them.

Here’s some recipes I’ve found of the some of the Thai dishes we ate while in Thailand. I’ll be trying all of these for sure!  What’s inspiring you to cook this week?

Above is this beautiful crispy fried fish with chilli sauce, which is amazing, especially when the fish is caught fresh that day. Enjoyed eating this with our amazing friends, sitting on the edge of the beach.


Pandan chicken reminds me of sitting on the beach, on an island called Koh Yao (koh yow) in Thailand.  They’re tiny little morsels of marinated chicken cooked in pandan leaves.

Another amazing fish dish was this steamed fish with ginger. So fragrant and moreish.

Who can go past chicken satay skewers!?! Every place we ate this dish was done differently but all were delicious. The dipping sauce is what makes the chicken skewers amazing. The chicken gets marinated for extra flavour.

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