Things that make me go mmmmm

Things that make me go mmm . . .

Black swans | Miss Food Fairy

Welcome to another instalment of the things that make me go mmmmm . . . Sharing with you the things that have inspired me this week, puts a smile on my face or makes my brain tick. What’s inspiring you this week? Is it the weekend upon us? Are you getting out in your veggie garden? Enjoying the sunshine? Binge watching Netflix? Whatever you’re up to, enjoy the weekend 🙂

Black swans on Albert Park Lake on my morning walk, above, coming to say hello. Or maybe they thought I had some food for them, which I didn’t.

What I’m loving this week . . .

Things that make me go mmmm . . . . | Miss Food Fairy

After a visit to the docs, she told me my cholesterol is still high. After 5 years, it’s still high so time to get a healthy heart. This CSIRO Healthy Heart program cookbook is where I’m finding some great dishes to try.

I’ve recently joined up with Mummy Confessions Weekly Meal plan. Some tasty and easy to prepare meals to enjoy, for busy, working families.

As it’s almost Winter here in Australia, I’m finding it hard to take great looking photos of stews. Here’s a few great tips I found interesting – When good food looks bad6 TIPS FOR PHOTOGRAPHING BROWN FOOD & Styling brown food.

Speaking of brown food, a great Beef bourguignon done in the oven! Yummy!

Keeping in the theme of lowering cholesterol, I like mayonnaise on my salad sandwich. Now I can make my own creamy, low fat mayo at home.

This is my next year’s Easter egg – glittering chocolate geodes.

My fur baby Kojiro (koh-jeer-o), a two year old Ragdoll, lying spread eagle on the couch!

Dream kitchens by Chip & Joanna.

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