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In My Kitchen MAY17 | Miss Food Fairy

We have a new home to share all our goodies in our kitchens this month. With Bizzy Lizzy being busy for the rest of this year, Sherry from Sherry’s Pickerings has taken over the reins of IMK. Thanks Sherry for continuing on this fantastic monthly catch up. I just love seeing the goodies everyone shares and I love you joining me for In my Kitchen. If you’d love to share the goodies in your kitchen with us, we’d to love to have you join – no matter where you are in the world. Simply publish your IMK post on your blog by the 10th of every month and leave a comment with Sherry. Enjoy these goodies xx

Above is a bouquet of rosemary and bay leaves from our beautiful friends Noel & June, which they grow in their Richmond garden. I just love fresh herbs and this bunch was warmly received at our Grand Prix party. I popped them in take away containers to keep in the freezer for when I need ‘fresh’ herbs.

Also from our GP party, our other friends, Billy & Helen, brought me a beautiful mini orchid in my favourite colour, pink! I’ve never had orchids before, aren’t they so cute? I love them. Should I keep the plastic around them? As we live in an apartment, I’m scared the heating may kill them if I remove the plastic.

I just love this little bucket of black and white balloons that my friend Vanessa made for our GP party. It sat in the middle of the dining table on a checkered tablecloth, I just loved it.

Kojiro is quite at home on the dining chair, which we placed near the TV for people to watch the GP. He made himself at home when everyone left that I decided to leave it there. He often has his afternoon sleep there, if he’s not asleep with me on the couch.

Noodles. I usually buy dried rice noodles but I had a craving for spicy noodles one day and there was nowhere close that made take away noodles. So I bought these. They’re just so easy to use. I added them straight into the wok, with the spicy chilli sauce and my craving was satisfied in less than 10 minutes! Perfect!

This bowl of lemons & limes was $4 the whole lot, which I found at South Melbourne Market. Usually in the supermarkets, you could maybe buy one or two limes or lemons. Now I just have to find a use for them. Any ideas?

And lastly is some Huon Tasmanian salmon cured in whisky. I must say it was a pleasant change to smoked salmon. I love eating this with avocado on toast with scrambled eggs – yumm!

Marshmallow Easter egg slice | MissFoodFairy

Oh, and in case you missed my Marshmallow Easter egg slice, which you could replace the Easter eggs with chocolate buttons. It’s sweet but you can’t stop at one slice! My nephews even thought it was better the next day x

22 comments on “In my Kitchen May 2017

  1. I adore the vase of herbs. Lemons and limes, I am probably late to give you ideas as you will have had many suggestions, but my husband loves lemon tart or lemon lime sorbet .

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  2. It’s been a crazy month and I’m finally catching up on IMK posts. The herb bouquet is beautiful and always smells good in a kitchen. My rosemary has overtaken one of the herb boxes in our garden, along with the thyme. The basil hardly has room anymore! I try to always have lemons and limes around too, especially for cocktails, iced tea and water. This time of year it’s also salads with citrus viniagrettes or seafood with lemons.

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    • I’ve been catching up on IMK posts too! I remember Nigel Slater talking about keeping herbs, especially rosemary, thyme, basil & mint, in terracotta pots so they don’t go wild & take over the veggie patch! Lovely seeing you for #IMK Gretchen xx

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  3. I love the idea of a bunch of herbs as a hostess gift. And your orchid is stunning. It should be out of the plastic. Treat it well and it will flower for a long time.

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    • Thank you Tandy for your orchid tip. It’s out of the plastic. I’ll try to keep it alive, I’ve never had orchids before. Wonderful having you here for #IMK xx

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  4. Looks like you had a great GP party – I particularly love the bouquet of herbs – so lovely and green. Hope your flowers last – I think we had similar ones (out of the plastic) and they lasted for ages – but I am not so good with identifying flowers. Your bowl of lemons and limes looks great – we make lemonade and limeade when we have lots and it is so refreshing – (search lemonade or limeade in my index). Love those noodles and would love some of your easter egg slice

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    • I will come over and check out your limeade and lemonade recipes. Thanks for the great tips Johanna 🙂 Thanks for stopping by for #IMK xx


  5. My ears pricked up immediately I saw the word Richmond, of course the herbs grown there are beautiful! I always have both lemons and limes in my kitchen and for my in-house barman. He make a great G&T. I use the limes in Thai food and love vinaigrette made with lemon juice. I’m sure the bowl fruit will soon be used up.

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    • I’m sure you miss Richmond as a place but not the persistent traffic Sandra! I wish I could drink Gin but it’s not my friend 😦 Of course limes are used in most of my Asian dishes, they’re always handy. Love having you here, as always, for #IMK xx


  6. I love that bunch of herbs: I often prefer these to flowers in the kitchen, So useful and keep very well in the jar for a long time, Lemons and limes- so many uses, perking up most dishes but also a lovely decor piece.

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    • I agree Francesca. They’re the perfect addition to any kitchen bench top. I love adding the limes in to my Asian dishes, the limes & lemons never go to waste 🙂 x

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  7. Hello Nicole,
    I’ve had many a ”moth” orchid over the years and I always remove the plastic and put the orchid in a low light area.
    In spite of the information you read about their care and how they will bloom again, I have discovered that here, they are grown in hothouse conditions and potted up for sale. I have never been clever enough to get them to bloom again, but I enjoy them for the month or two that they hold their flowers.

    Looked at the lovely photo of limes and lemons and thought, Key Lime Pie!
    Helen X

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    • Thank you Helen, I will remove the plastic and see how everything goes. You’re the second person who has said key lime pie, I may have a look, even though you know I’m not much of a baker. Lovely having you here xx


  8. Nicole, your beautiful herb bouquet caught my eye immediately! Then I read through your post, ogled the photos (more than once, lol) and finally fixated on your whisky cured smoked salmon and serving suggestion. Avocado, scrambled eggs, AND smoked salmon? Goodness, I love IMK! 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue how to raise orchids, but my 88 year old mother-in-law lives in an apartment and manages to keep hers blooming year ’round without the plastic. (But don’t quote me on that.) As for your lemons and limes, I keep a stash in my fridge at all times to slice/squeeze into water, or to tuck under/over baked fish. Or, you could make lemon/lime meringue pie!

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    • Thank you Kim for your lovely words, you’ve just made my day 🙂 If you get a chance to try the scrambled, eggs, avocado & smoked salmon, try it – it’s a taste sensation! One of our favourites! Thank you for your tip on orchids & lemons & limes – I’m not too much of a baker as you may have noticed but all ideas keep feeding my inspiration. Love having you here for #IMK xx

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  9. thanks for joining in this month Nicole. i have been using those wokka noodles lately too. so quick and easy. isn’t it nice to have fresh herbs around? makes a big difference to a dish i think. i do love limes and lemons. i seem to use them in everything -sweet and savoury. it sounds like your Grand Prix party went very well. i love the balloons. yum to the salmon. but i think Kojiro takes first prize in your post for being the cutest. cheers!

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    • I just love the noodles Sherry, such a great staple of my pantry now. Kojiro is everyone’s favourite! It’s hard to be upset with him as he’s just too cute. Plus he’s bright blue eyes get me every time 😉 Love #IMK thanks for continuing the great linkup xx


  10. You asked for ways to use lemons… a good one is preserved lemons, which keep for a long time and add delicious flavor to North African spiced stews (tagines).


    best… mae at

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    • Thank you Mae. I tried my hand at preserved lemons years ago and still haven’t opened them, not sure if they’re any good now but I’ll head over & have a look at your preserved lemons – yumm! Thanks for stopping past for #IMK xx


  11. Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things

    Lovely photos and lots of goodies xx

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