How to make cheese – a cheese making workshop at Kitchen Warehouse

Cheese making workshop Kitchen Warehouse | Miss Food Fairy

Making cheese is something we watch on TV and admire the people who are making it. It’s something our nannas tell stories of, how their mums made cheese straight from the cow. It’s not something we do a lot of in the present time. Cheese making has become a lost art.

Now we can get excited about making cheese at home again with a 2 hour cheese making workshop at Kitchen Warehouse.

How much can you learn in two hours I hear you ask? Some classes go for a whole day and that’s still not enough time to learn everything about cheese! And this would be true but in two hours, trust me, you learn the basics and get excited about making cheese at home. You’ll walk out with your cheese making kit (included in the price of the class), buy a slotted spoon, some milk and start cooking the moment you walk in your kitchen! How good is that!

Now before we go any further, I must warn you, these cheeses, especially the haloumi and ricotta, are addictive! They would have to be some of the best I’ve ever tasted, ever! I’m not just saying that. As a girl who loves her food – both eating and making – I’ve never had anything as creamy or as flavourful as these!

We get a chance to get our hands ‘dirty’, making mozzarella. It was so much fun, everyone enjoyed getting to mould the mozzarella into little balls. ‘It’s so much fun!’ “This is better than therapy” ‘Love the experience’ “I can’t believe I just made mozzarella!” “I want to go home & make cheese right now!’ “This is sooooo cool!” ‘These are so cute!’ “What an awesome experience!” These were just some of the comments from the group.

Our trainer, Janelle, who works for Mad Millie, had made some haloumi and coconut yoghurt prior to the class, as they take a little longer than two hours to make. Janelle went through the process of each with us and after tasting them, we all couldn’t stop talking about which one we’re going to make first!

If you enjoy eating ricotta, mozzarella, haloumi or feta, then you will absolutely love this workshop. I love eating ricotta and feta whenever I can and now I couldn’t he happier to make my own cheese at home. I’m dying to open my kit during tomorrow to try my hand at making ricotta and feta. I’ll let you know how I go. Stay tuned for that.

Have you ever made cheese at home? How did it turn out? I was quite happy with my attempt at homemade ricotta. After trying these cheeses though, I know that mine did not hit the flavour button at all! But now I feel confident to make the perfect tasting cheese.

Thinking about trying sheep, goat or even coconut milk? We talked a little on those too. With using different milks comes the need to use different amounts of rennet; they all produce different yields (quantity of cheese made) and should never be tried without a reputable recipe.

I love new experiences and learning new things and this cheese making workshop was certainly worth it. I didn’t even learn cheese making at cooking school!

Would you like to try making your own cheese at home? Contact Kitchen Warehouse for a cheese making workshop near you. Or why not grab your own Mad Millie cheese kit and give it a try 🙂

*A big thank you goes to Kitchen Warehouse for the cheese making workshop. All comments & opinions expressed are my own.


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