In my Kitchen March 2017

In my Kitchen March 2017 | Miss Food Fairy

How was everyone’s February? Did it go fast for you too? Was it because was a short month or was it just a busy one? I know I had a whole week away from cooking as I was busy with some other things that had to be taken care of. Now with March upon us, I’ll be busy in the kitchen for the next couple of weeks, preparing for another Grand Prix Party – sausage rolls, dumplings and chicken patties with maybe some slow cooked pulled pork. I’ll be sure to touch base to see how everyone’s March is panning out 🙂

Above is another cruise ship coming into dock at Port Melbourne. I’m not to sure on the name of this one as the sun was shining directly on Port Phillip Bay first thing in the morning. In the foreground, you can see the work for the Australian Grand Prix is in full swing. Mind you, since that photo was taken on the 22nd, so much more has gone up around Albert Park Lake.

In my Kitchen March 2017 | Miss Food Fairy

I was running low on Himalayan pink rock salt & I happened to find some, or my sister did, in Woolworths. Not only did I refill my grinder, but a cute little jar too. Love the pink colours and this tastes amazing on steaks.

In my Kitchen March 2017 | Miss Food FairyIn my Kitchen March 2017 | Miss Food FairyIn my Kitchen March 2017 | Miss Food FairyColes sell Lilydale chicken, which is where I’m buying my chicken at the moment. Prahran Market is calling me this week so I may have to visit a chicken place there to see if there’s any free range chicken there. But for now, I’m rather enjoying the taste of Lilydale chicken, especially after watching Matthew Evans’s show For the love of meat.

In my Kitchen March 2017 | Miss Food Fairy

This Tahbilk Marsanne was a great drop while eating my Asian spicy chicken tacos. It’s a cross between a Semillon and a Chardonnay. It was the perfect addition to eating spicy food. Give it a try if you see it in your bottle store.

In my Kitchen March 2017 | Miss Food FairyMayonnaise, it’s hard to find the perfect one. I know I could make my own, and probably should more often as it’s simple, but sometimes there needs to be some in the fridge for emergencies. This one has no preservatives or added colours or flavours. It tastes pretty good on my salad sandwich which is important with a good mayo.

In my Kitchen March 2017 | Miss Food FairyIn my Kitchen March 2017 | Miss Food FairyIn my Kitchen March 2017 | Miss Food FairyI found these little beauties at an op-shop in Brunswick. TOP – four small dipping bowls as I just love them and can never have enough, although my hubby may say different 😉 MIDDLE – three little pinch bowls, which I can never have enough of and BOTTOM – are some placemats or I’ll use them as heat protectors for the dining table when I’m serving curries or roasts straight from the oven.

In my Kitchen March 2017 | Miss Food FairyAnd last but never least is some Huon smoked salmon slices, which I found at Woolworths. Amazing flavour and Huon are proudly Australian owned and operated. As you know, I watched a 4 Corners episode last year, talking about our salmon industry and got turned off Tassal. I’m proud to support Huon all the way. I have the link in my December IMK for the 4 Corners episode.

And just in case you missed it, I’m giving away a $50 Kitchen Warehouse voucher as part of Miss Food Fairy’s 4th birthday celebrations. Want to win the Kitchen Warehouse $50 voucher? It’s easy, all you need to do is share your favourite rice recipe in the comments section below or add your recipe in the comments section of my Facebook page or tag @missfoodfairy on Instagram or simply email me at foodfairywishes[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thanks for joining me for In my Kitchen. I love having you here. If you’d love to share the goodies in your kitchen with us, we’d to love to have you join – no matter where you are in the world. Simply publish your IMK post on your blog BEFORE the 10th of the month and leave a comment with Liz from Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things. See you all soon xx

21 comments on “In my Kitchen March 2017

  1. I always get wistful for Melbourne when I see the photos out your window, but I don’t miss the GP hype or the incessant whiny scream of the F1 cars at all. Not only has Feb disappeared but half of March as well…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Apart from the fact I love cars Sandra, we live right outside the GP track so it would be hard to ignore but it’s such an adrenalin rush it’s hard to wipe the smile from my face for all the days 🙂 Thanks for coming past for #IMK xx


  2. Happy 4th blog birthday, Nicole! I’m not entering your giveaway due to distance, but I wish your readers the best of luck. How nice of you! Just re-filled my salt grinder the other day (Himalayan pink — tickled to learn you favor it, too.) This world is full of flavors to enjoy and aren’t we blessed because of it?! Your new bowls and placemats are beautiful, and I wish I could join your for a taste of that smoked salmon. Keep on “sourcing” the best! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wish I could win that voucher! There is something from the Kitchen Warehouse I need 🙂 If I could find decent mayonnaise here I would also not bother to make my own. Enjoy the Grand Prix – it will be early morning for us here 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry about the giveaway Tandy, can you order & get something sent out from Kitchen Warehouse or is it expensive? The Grand Prix was fantastic, I’ll be writing about it soon – wish I had of gotten more photos of my food but I was in such a rush getting the food out 🙂 xx

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  4. As you say, time really flies. First we had spring and now it’s winter again up here in the Northeast and midwest corners of the US. Who knows what will be in our lives & kitchens by April!

    best… mae at

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hope you’re keeping warm with Winter upon you again Mae, you should be having some nice warm weather coming your way very soon hopefully 🙂 April is sure to be full of inspiration and amazing kitchen goodies. Lovely seeing you here for #IMK xx


  5. oh wow those cruise ships are scarily big aren’t they?:) happy blog birthday! i read somewhere that we should use other salts not himalayan – food miles maybe? not sure. i try to use local- well aussie ones:=) tho i can’t resist yakima smoked salt which is from the US. ah well a guilty pleasure now and then.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Sherry for your lovely birthday wishes 🙂 I’m going to look out for some of that Yakima smoked salt as it sounds delish! We’re allowed to splurge on ourselves whenever we need too 😉 It’s wonderful having you here for #IMK xx


  6. marcellinaincucina

    Hello Nicole! Yes, February just flew by! But then again every month seems to fly! I didn’t see Matthew Evans’ show but I always buy Macro chicken from Woolworths – I can’t bring myself to buy non free range. Hmmm, mayo. To tell you the truth I have never made mayo, always buy it. Maybe should change that. I love op shops finds and your bowls are delightful! Have a wonderful month!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Free range chicken is the best and I used to use the Macro too Marcellina (stupid auto correct almost changed your name . . . again!!) Mayo can be such a hit & miss but this one is actually on the money 🙂 Bowls always come in handy and I always seem to run out when I need them most 😉 Lovely having you here for #IMK xx


  7. wonderful round up of goodies! I was hoping to join this month, but will have to postpone to April – February went by way way too fast…

    life moves at a real fast pace, it is a bit scary sometimes

    I love the bowls, and I can see how some might say there is something as “too many” – me? NAH


    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Sally we miss you! Come back next month and show us the goodies we’ve all missed 🙂 At least I wasn’t the only one who thought February went too fast! I’m with you on bowls – the more the merrier 😉 They always come in handy. Love having you here for #IMK xx


  8. Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things

    Hi there and happy March to you! Loving that view with the ocean liner. Quite spectacular. And how about that chicken. Yes, Matthew’s show was most enlightening. Thanks so much for the very kind shout out xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Liz for hosting a wonderful & inspiring ‘party’. Love everyone in IMK who share with us the most amazing produce 🙂 Love being a part of such a great community xx


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