My visit to Kitchen Warehouse

Visit to Kitchen Warehouse | Miss Food Fairy

Danger! Danger! If you live in the Melbourne area, beware! A new kitchen warehouse has opened in Preston. It’s a Bunnings size warehouse full of all your kitchen wants and desires! If you have an hour or so free, why not drool over some new saucepans, knives or Kitchen Aid mixers. Do yourself a favour and go check out this place. I was in love from the moment I walked in!

I visited the first Kitchen Warehouse megastore last week. There’s already a store in WA and with the boom of everything food, they decided to open in Melbourne. Let’s hope they may have one in every state and capital of Australia soon. Their online presence has been dominating the web and now I can see why – great competitive prices with lots of great brands we love & trust. Check out this video for a look around the store.

Anything you could ever want, or think you need, it’s probably here. Let me tell you, foodies of the world, get excited! This is a place where you can lose all track of time. I totally got carried away! I almost walked out with more goodies than just a new sauté pan 😉

Visit to Kitchen Warehouse | Miss Food FairyVisit to Kitchen Warehouse | Miss Food FairyVisit to Kitchen Warehouse | Miss Food Fairy

These were just a couple of my favourite items! I’m in love with the black and copper together. Then a whole wall of colourful spatulas and cooking utensils! Heaven!

Not only do they have all your kitchen wants and needs, but they also have workshops, in store demonstrations and events. While I was there, you could try your hand at one of the many spiralisers in store, which is all the rage right now. There’s quite a bit see and do!

If you’re ever in Melbourne, take a trip to Preston (about 30 minutes from the CBD) and take a look around. Foodies and cooks alike will be blown away by everything that there is on offer. Oh and don’t forget, save your dollars for a big shopping spree 😉

And in case you missed it, as part of Miss Food Fairy’s 4th birthday celebration, I’m giving away a $50 Kitchen Warehouse voucher. To be in the winning, all you need to do is share with me your favourite rice recipe. Want to win the Kitchen Warehouse $50 voucher? It’s easy, all you need to do is share your favourite rice recipe in the comments section below or add your recipe in the comments section of my Facebook page or tag @missfoodfairy on Instagram or simply email me at foodfairywishes[at]gmail[dot]com.

IMPORTANT NOTE: all these comments are my own. This is my experience which I’ve decided to share with you.

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