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How to slice a capsicum


Ever sliced a capsicum to see that there seems to be more membrane (the white pith lining the inside of the capsicum) than you care to like? I’ll show you the way I was taught at cooking school, we got the most out of the capsicum this way and the strips will look ‘pretty’ for presentation.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a recipe, like a stew, will call for the use of a whole capsicum, seeds and all, which I love. This technique is perfect for stir fries, salads and rice or pasta dishes where the look of your dish is quite important.

You may be asking about the way you see chefs on TV slicing straight down the cheeks of the capsicum. You’ll find this technique I’ll share with you way easier, it produces the best results and keeps the seeds and stem in one bit.


Ensure you knife is sharp.

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If your chopping board is moving when you slice, place a slightly wet tea towel or chux underneath your board to stop it from slipping.

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Capsicums are easily sliced if placed skin side down on your chopping board.


PREP: 5-10 minutes
1 red capsicum


Slice the top and bottom off the capsicum.Slice the top and bottom off the capsicum.

slicing-capsicum-3-missfoodfairyLay the capsicum on its flat bottom and slice straight down the middle.

slicing-capsicum-4-missfoodfairyLay the capsicum on its side and work the knife along the inside of the pepper and remove the membrane. The blade should be parallel to the bench. Discard the stem and seeds.

slicing-capsicum-6-missfoodfairySlice the capsicum into sixths.

slicing-capsicum-7-missfoodfairyLay the capsicum pieces skin side down and slice into 3-4mm strips. Repeat the process with every piece – perfect for stir fries and dips.

slicing-capsicum-8-missfoodfairyOnce you have your strips, you can then cut them into dice – perfect for salads and rice dishes.

If you wish to stuff your capsicum, only slice the top off then remove the stem, membrane and seeds.

These were sliced into 3-4mm slices. You could slice the capsicum strips thicker for dips.

Keep the off-cuts for adding into sauces or give them to the chooks or compost.



Why not try my Thai green chicken meatball curry now you’ve sliced your capsicum in preparation 😉

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