In My Kitchen October 2016


We are officially in the middle of Spring, yet we haven’t had many days of clear blue skies and endless days of sunshine, although daylight savings just started which gives us extra light for evening. We’ve had a couple to get us excited and venture outside, but the days have been mostly cool, windy and rainy. Bring on the ‘change of season’ cold, which I get every year. I’ve still managed to recipe test and create new recipes while thinking about you all every day. I missed you guys so much. I’m happy that In My Kitchen has a new home with the beautiful and very talented Liz, author of Good Things. This is where we find new kitchen inspiration from kitchen in every corner of the world. We’d love to see you join us x

Waking up to beautiful days aren’t something we see every day at the moment, so when the beautiful golden rays were shining down on the sapphire blue water of Port Philip Bay, the Spirit of Tasmania looked ever so beautiful. This is the view we get to enjoy every day from our kitchen window and balcony.

In My Kitchen . . .

. . . is 1kg head of broccoli from my sister and bro-in-laws veggie patch. As you can see, the broccoli is so much bigger than the one on the left – from the supermarket. The lime shows you just how big this broccoli head was. I made a delicious soup from it but there’s still some refining before I share my recipe with you. Stay tuned for progress.

In My Kitchen (on the balcony) . . .

. . . is chives that are growing out of control! One minute I looked out and nothing, nada. The next thing I knew they appeared out of nowhere! Chives are related to garlic, leeks and spring (green) onions and just add an amazing subtle flavour to scrambled eggs, meat marinades or salads.

In My Kitchen (on the balcony) . . .

. . . is new growth on my rosemary plant. This was given to me a couple of years ago by my beautiful friend Jane. In Winter I trimmed it back for the first time ever and it loved the haircut so much!

One of my favourite things In My Kitchen (that I just can’t live without) . . .

. . . is Sriracha (pronounced SIR-AHH-CHA), a chilli sauce that adds that spicy kick to everything. We had it the other night with our beef tacos and I just adore it with my dumplings, mixed with a little soy. Sriracha is gluten free (yes their vinegar is gluten free), certified Kosher and every bottle is different due to every batch of chillies being different. Look for the green lid otherwise you’re not buying the true Huy Fong Sriracha sauce – this is their trademark.

In My Kitchen . . .

. . . is photo props – clear marbles and stones. I will let you know shortly where I’ll use them – do you use them and how do you use them?

In My Kitchen . . .


. . . is these gorgeous, colourful and textured bowls I picked up from South Melbourne Market at the store In2Homewares. They are the perfect size for soups and enjoying all the Asian food I cook up. I hope to go back in a couple of weeks for some new designs.

And the last goodies In My Kitchen . . .

. . . is my new 2nd hand cookbook, the CSIRO Healthy Heart cookbook. I bought this in an op-shop in Geelong for $5. This cookbook focuses on cardiovascular health and contains a 12 week meal plan with over 100 recipes, including vegetarian options.


Oh and just in case you missed it, here’s my Thai green chicken meatball curry which is a taste sensation and better than takeout!

18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen October 2016

    • It’s lovely meeting you Tandy and wonderful to have you here for #IMK. Chives are such a hardy herb, giving itself from Spring through to mid Autumn. Sriracha, as with all chillies, not just sauces, get hotter the longer standing. If you find your sauce is a little too hot, mix some mayonnaise or sour cream into a bowl with the sauce, it will still ad flavour but kill the heat a bit 🙂 xx

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  1. How do you ever get anything done in the kitchen with such an amazing water view?! Mmmm, the Thai Green Chicken Meatball Curry sounds SO temptingly good I pinned it immediately – justwaiting for a grocery trip to stock up on fresh herbs.

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    • Thank you so much Dee for pinning my green curry recipe – you just made my day! We do get to see some funny and some beautiful things from our balcony, especially when the weather is sunny outside. Fresh herbs are awesome, aren’t they but I love all herbs & spices. Wonderful having you here for #IMK – it’s so good to see you again xx


    • It’s wonderful seeing everyone again for #IMK, I missed you all so much 🙂 Thank you Sherry for your kind compliments, we are very luck to live in this beautiful apartment. The marble secret will be released . . . all in good time 😉 It’s wonderful seeing you for #IMK xx


    • Thank you Mae, sometimes it’s really hard, especially when the weather is nice. The rosemary & chives are the only herbs I can grown on the balcony as they love full afternoon sun. Heading over shortly for your #IMK post. Thanks for stopping by, it’s lovely having you here x


  2. Nicole, I hope you’re over your cold by now. No fun! Loved your view of the Spirit of Tasmania. Being close to water is so invigorating. Sriracha is one of my favorite sauces, too, and chives were the only herb that survived my absence — they’re hardier than they look. Now I’m hungry for breakfast! 🙂 Thanks for this month’s glimpse IMK!

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    • Thank you Kim, I feel much better than I did 🙂 We love living close to the water – my husband grew up close to water and it’s my calmant. Chives are a very strong herb and are delicious with scrambled eggs. Love seeing you for #IMK x


    • I look forward to sharing with you all a little trick I picked up regarding the marbles – an no it’s not for jam! The herbs just love our balcony, we get full afternoon sun from around 3pm and as it’s been quite a wet start to Spring, are thriving! Thanks for stopping by for #IMK x


    • I just love IMK and have missed catching up with everyone over the past couple of months. We have a view of Albert Park LAke and Port Philip Bay – I’ll have to start sharing more photos of both 🙂 Thank you Liz xx


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