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How to Julienne a carrot


As you know by now, I don’t really make a lot of desserts. For some reason I don’t have a big sweet tooth, unless it’s already made for me! So I thought I’d share with you how I julienne carrots, in preparation for your big Christmas lunch or dinner. 10 minutes is all it take to chop a couple of carrots for beautifully presented sides. I understand we’re all crazy busy at the moment but if you feel a little adventurous, I’ve put together a step by step description and photos to show you how easy julienning is 😉

Julienne is a French term for cutting vegetables and fruits. Usually the size and shape resemble match sticks. If you were to work in a restaurant, the chef would expect the piece of fruit or vegetable to not exceed 3mm x 3mm x 5mm but as we’re home cooks, a little bigger or longer isn’t a major concern. If your fruit or vegetables are cut any bigger than half a centimetre, you’d call them batons.

Julienning is used quite a lot in Asian cuisine for quick cooking and well presented dishes. This form of cutting can be used in salads, stir fries, soups, fried rice, for pickling, noodle dishes, fish en papillote and are perfect for spring and rice paper rolls.

Julienning any fruit or vegetables can be take some time but when you see your dish plated up, you will think it was well worth the extra time taken. When I was taught this cut at school, I always took a little longer than everyone else, as I wanted my vegetables to be perfect!

Mandolines, julienne peelers or spiralisers are fantastic to use as they save time and you can do quite a lot of fruit and vegetables in one go. When I worked at the Tennis at the start of the year, a mandoline was a god send! They are good to have in your cupboard but sometimes the reward comes from doing something by yourself.

Do yourself a favour and give julienning a go. It’s not that hard and you may not use it too often but when you do, you’ll be amazed with the sense of accomplishment.

There are 3 very important things you need to do before starting:

♥ Please ensure your knife is super sharp – a blunt knife is a chef’s worst nightmare.

♥ Place a damp cloth or tea towel under your chopping board, to stop the board from slipping.

♥ Oh, and please keep your fingers and thumb out of the way of your super sharp knife! And please be careful not to cut yourself.


Julienning can be used on most vegetables and fruits. Try zucchini, potatoes, pears, apples, sweet potato (fries – yumm!) or even mango. What do you like to julienne? Send me through some photos in the comments below, would love to see your handy work 🙂

♥   ♥   ♥


PREP: 8-10 minutes (2-3 carrots)

As many carrots as you need


How to julienne carrots #1 @MissFoodFairy

Peel the carrots and chop the ends off.

How to julienne carrots #2 @MissFoodFairy

Cut the carrots in half.

How to julienne carrots #3 @MissFoodFairy

Slice lengthways off one side of the carrot.

How to julienne carrots #3a @MissFoodFairy

It’s easier to slice if the carrot sits flat on the chopping board and doesn’t roll away.

How to julienne carrots #4 @MissFoodFairy

Cut the carrots into thin slices lengthways.

How to julienne carrots #5 @MissFoodFairy

How to julienne carrots #5a @MissFoodFairy

Stack a couple of carrot slices together and slice again lengthways. Repeat the above process with remaining carrots.

How to julienne carrots #6 @MissFoodFairyYou now have julienned carrots or matchsticks. Congratulations! You did it! Hope I made julienning carrots a little easier for you.


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5 comments on “How to Julienne a carrot

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  2. Would you believe I’ve never tried to do this by hand before? Thanks for the great tips and for linking up with us for Fabulous Foodie Fridays, Merry Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a great little technique to have up your sleeve Lauren. You may not use it all the time but the fruit or veggies look perfect for any dish 🙂 We hope you has a lovely Chrissy and we wish your a safe, healthy & prosperous 2016 xx


  3. Great tutorial. Best wishes for Christmas and 2016 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh thank you Liz, that means a lot to hear you say that. We hope you & your family have a wonderful Chrissy and New Year too – all the best for 2016 xx


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