In my Kitchen February 2015


Hello! How are you all? Hope you’re all doing really well. I missed you all so much. After the crazy hectic month I’ve had its good to be back reading amazing, inspirational stories and recipes. This is just one of the amazing sunsets seen from the kitchen most evenings.

After working 12 hour days for the past two and a half weeks it feels like I’m still running after my tail – I just can’t seem to get back into the swing of things! But last week I recharged my batteries by sleeping in and relaxing on the couch watching daggy 80’s movies with my husband. It’s sooooooo good, let me tell you! What do you do to unwind from the hectic paces of life?

I have been looking forward to In my Kitchen all month, as much as I’ve been busy, keeping in touch with you makes up for the crazy month I’ve had. In my Kitchen is a look into foodies kitchens all over the world, hosted by Celia at Fig Jam & Lime Cordial. We’d love to see all your new gadgets in your kitchen, come join us.

I don’t have much this month to show you, due to work commitments, but I’ve pulled a couple of goodies together to show you. Not too interesting but still yummy.

In my Kitchen . . .

a.MissFoodFairy's frozen dinners

. . . is a freezer full of homemade frozen dinners! Before I went to work I thought I’d cook up some lunches & dinners for my husband so he wouldn’t go hungry or worse, eat Hungry Jacks every night! As you can see, lots of good food that can easily be reheated in the oven or microwave. There was also Spanish-inspired egg muffins and tuna mornay pies, all of which I will share with you very soon J

In my Kitchen . . .

a.MissFoodFairy's tomato passata

. . . is my tomato passata making (bottled tomato sauce, not ketchup) from the roma tomatoes in my sister and brother-in-law’s vegetable garden. Five kilograms of roma, 3 hours of prep, cooking, bottling and being in my element again, I produced five bottles of passata. Love a good passata for my Bolognese but find most of the store bought ones very sugary or acidic (yukk!) Any ideas on a good passata recipe you’d like to share? I’m always looking for new & exciting recipes or ideas to learn from, especially if you make passata every year, your feedback would be invaluable (and I can only get better.)

In my Kitchen . . .

a.MissFoodFairy's Spice reference book

. . . is my new Spice, roots & fruits reference book, which comes with a couple of recipes (what would my kitchen be without at least one more cookbook!) I haven’t had much a chance to read it yet (I’m still reading about Gordon Ramsay and I wasn’t doing a lot of reading while working!) but I’m really looking forward to sharing some exciting spice tips with you when I get a chance to reading.

In my Kitchen . . .

a.MissFoodFairy's leek-like-spring-onions

. . . are the biggest spring onions I’ve ever seen! Have you seen or grown a spring onion this big? Again, they came from the vegetable garden – where everything is going absolutely crazy at the moment! The black cutting board is 40cm in length and the diameter of the spring onions would have been the size of a twenty cent coin! They didn’t have a strong fragrance like spring onions but they were wonderfully flavoursome.

And finally In my Kitchen . . .

a.MissFoodFairy's corn on the cob

. . . some home-grown corn, yes from the vegetable patch. I steamed these in the oven then fried them in a Mexican-inspired seasoning and mayonnaise. I will be experimenting a little more with flavours and cooking times before sharing with you.

Hope your month is as amazing as every sunset you see. Look forward to seeing you next month for IMK x


27 thoughts on “In my Kitchen February 2015

  1. Nicole, I am loving your fresh home grown produce. Your spring onions look like an entire bunch all crammed into one. Great looking corn too! I planted corn only a few weeks ago, call me mad, first time growing it, and in Canberra. Fingers crossed it comes out as good as yours, cheers Kirsty xx

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    1. Good luck with your corn Kirsty! It’s a bit temperamental from what I hear! All this lovely produce comes from my sister & brother-in-laws veggie garden – over-abundance of tomatoes at the moment – lots of passata & dicing going on right now. Lovely having you here, see you next month for IMK x


  2. I am so envious of your freezer Nicole (both the meals and the tidiness), it’s fabulous! You must feel pleased every time you open it 🙂
    Well done on the produce too, it feels so good to cook something you’ve grown yourself!

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    1. Thank you Beck, freezer meals are a great idea for busy people. Storing them in takeaway containers was a great way to portion control the food. Plus, they stack perfectly to fit more in 🙂 Fresh, homegrown, chemical free produce is just amazing! You can actually taste the produce not the chemicals! It’s the way forward and how all food should taste. Lovely meeting you, see you next month for IMK

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  3. Hooray for homegrown corn! And I loved seeing your incredibly organised freezer – how good are you! Passata making is such a big job, isn’t it! We used to do it with 10kg boxes from the markets, but these days we’re lazy and just use a good Italian bottled one! I’m sure it’s not nearly as good as yours! 🙂

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    1. Being organised is a trait of mine – if I’m not organised my day doesn’t run smoothly and hassle free! Using those take away containers were a great way to stack & portion control the meals. Passata is something I’m new at & I’m always looking for help from our foodie community – Fergie from Around the Mulberry tree gave me her special notes on tomato passata. Have 11 more kilos this week! Wish me luck 🙂 Lovely seeing you Celia x


  4. I can relate to your large spring onions. We planted too many, although at a staggered rate. They have grown far too large and I have been reluctant to use them. I have been using some instead of onion which seems to work in most recipes.
    We also grew some corn but it was not successful. Not sure why maybe the variety was unsuitable, I always thought corn was pretty easy.

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    1. Maybe it wasn’t the year for corn this year Christine! My sister & brother-in-law said it wasn’t a success either. But all the other produce is going great guns – I have plenty of capsicum to roast & jar now too> Lovely meeting you, see you next month for IMK


  5. Your garden produce looks fabulous!!! And I’m in pure freezer envy! As for passata, we usually do some with roasted capsicums added and moulied which adds a depth of flavour we love….my fav recipe is a slow cooked lamb shoulder in passata and then pulled off the bone and added to pasta of your choice… bellisimo!!!! Jan x

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    1. Thank you Jan. I may have to invest in a mouli, I’m sure it could be used for other things other than tomato passata. My sister & brother-in-laws vegetable garden is amazing, I’ll be doing a post about it soon to let you all have a look. Lovely seeing you again 🙂


  6. Thanks Nicole for the peek into your kitchen! Home grown corn is just wonderful, isn’t it! And your husband is a very lucky man… just look at all those dinners xo

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  7. Our kitchens have a similar theme… I do have its of spring onions to, but they got so big I had to pull them out, deal with them and pop them in the freezer! How good is fresh corn out of the garden!!! I have had so much I have been blanching and freezing it… I Love, love, love your freezer, it is so mother hubbard of you and always the best thing to do… Go YOU! Thanks for sharing Liz xx

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    1. Thank you Liz for your lovely comments. I feel I always over prepare food, but it’s better to have too much than not enough. I will coming over shortly to check out your IMK – vegetables from your homegrown garden are amazing aren’t they! See you soon x

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