In my Kitchen October 2014

MissFoodFairy's desserts

October already! My nephew is turning seven next week, already! He has a big decision to make about what birthday cake he wants. It started off with a train cake (again! You had that last year!) then he changed his mind to a hidden surprise sponge cake (have you seen them – OMG!! My sister says it’s not that hard!) and now he’s had my delicious Sacher Torte, which I made at school, and that’s the WINNER ladies and gentlemen!! I wish I got Sacher Torte birthday cake for my seventh birthday!!

So cooking school this last month has been busy with bread making, making our own Danish pastry from scratch to make Apricot Danishes, fish filleting and dessert making – I’m a pro! –Not! But they look pretty good for a beginner – what do you think? See photos above. They include my left to right – chocolate Swiss roll with Chantilly cream & strawberries; two baked cheesecakes – the one at the back is Tangerine flavoured with crystalised rose petals and the front one is a plain cheesecake topped with a lychee jelly and strawberries; three Sacher Tortes all with some spun sugar for decoration and profiteroles with crème patissiere for the filling. All of them were absolutely delicious and very moreish. I’m not a sweet tooth and don’t do a lot of baking because if I did there would be nothing left to show you, I’d eat it all within two days 😉

I’m excited to show you in my kitchen this month. Thank you to Celia at Fig Jam & Lime Cordial for hosting this wonderful party. If you’d like to show us what’s in your kitchen we’d love to have you! So enjoy the goodies in my kitchen and we all hope to see you soon – it keeps growing bigger every month! Lots of lovely foodie friends to make.

In my Kitchen . . .

MissFoodFairy's Rick Stein's Bannisters apron

. . . is my apron from Rick Stein’s Bannisters, where my wonderful husband took me for my birthday. We had dinner with him and a masterclass the next day – absolutely the best birthday present ever so far, I’m very lucky. I am yet to wear it as I don’t want to get it dirty! I just like these cool postcards I picked up from Bannisters too.

In my Kitchen . . .

MissFoodFairy's fishbone tweezers

. . . one of my birthday presents from my sister, nephews & brother in law. My very own fish boning tweezers! So excited! These are an absolute god send if you have to get those big bones out of fillets of salmon yourself. They came in real handy when I had to de-bone mullet at school! Thank you sis, just brilliant!

In my Kitchen . . .

MissFoodFairy's Japanese bowls

. . . These absolutely stunning handmade Japanese bowls, from Japan – another lovely birthday present from my husband. There were five but one broke in transit but four are perfect for us. I am yet to use them – they just look too good. They’re hand painted and glazed on the top and left raw clay on the bottom. I have no idea what the documentation says I may have to ask my friend Kahori, in Japan, what it says! Unless anyone of you can speak Japanese?

In my Kitchen . . .

MissFoodFairy's homemade croutons

. . . my homemade garlic & olive oil croutons, made from the Bloomer bread I made at school. It was a little salty – I didn’t measure the salt when I added it to the dough, my bad – so not really good for having a sandwich with. But the croutons taste delicious. All I did was cut the bread into desired cubes, added olive oil and about three garlic cloves while on a baking tray, placed them in a 180C oven for 20 minutes, turning once or twice and you have homemade croutons. Allow them to cool then store in an airtight container until needed. I think I’ll need to make a Caesar salad to use them.

In my Kitchen . . .

MissFoodFairy's fresh herbs from friends garden

. . . some fresh thyme, rosemary and bay leaves from my friend’s garden. I just love fresh herbs, they’re so aromatic fresh, they fill the apartment with ideas of what I should cook with them. For now, they’ve been put in containers in the freezer for later use. I couldn’t think of a nicer gift – thank you June.

In my Kitchen . . .

MissFoodFairy's stovetop hobs

. . . are my cleaned stovetop hobs. I’ve been meaning to clean them for weeks but kept forgetting. Now they sparkle and my secret? Baking soda (powder) – 4 heaped teaspoons with boiling hot water in the sink. Cover the hobs and allow to soak for an hour or three. Once the water is cool enough, get your scourer and scrub the hobs. And presto, sparkling new hobs. Want a sparking sink too? Give it a once over while the sink is full – just like brand new! Great jewellery cleaner too!

In my Kitchen . . .

MissFoodFairy's recipe review IMK-OCT14

. . . my easy mushroom pilaf, which is my go-to dish whenever I can’t be bothered cooking or I’ve run out of time. It’s perfect with any protein you like. I also cooked up our absolute favourite at the moment, my one pot creamy chicken pesto, made with my very own homemade pesto – place everything in to the saucepan and dinner is done in 30 minutes, yumm!


16 thoughts on “In my Kitchen October 2014

  1. Ooh great tip about the baking soda! I usually clean the hob with a big tea towel – as in I lay a tea towel over the top so I can’t see it. 🙂 I wish I was getting your sacher torte for my birthday! And those Japanese plates are absolutely gorgeous…happy belated birthday, Nicole! 🙂


    1. Thank you Celia for the lovely comments and an amazing party. It’s great seeing peoples kitchens here & overseas 🙂 Heeheehee – tea towel hiding the hobs! Brilliant! Try the baking soda you’ll be surprised. Let me know when it’s your birthday & I’ll make Sacher Torte for you. x


  2. What a fun month you’ve had in your kitchen! Your presents look like so much fun – love the Japanese dishes and the fish tweezers. What a great tip about the baking soda too as a cleaner for the range! I will have to try that pronto.


    1. Please let me know what you think of the pesto chicken pasta Joanne – I love to hear what everyone thinks of my recipes. Do you know that I never had Sacher Torte before making it at school – now I’ll make it all the time I think 😉


    1. Thank you Lucy, its so nice to see you having a peek IMK. Mushroom pilaf is just perfect and so easy. You could add pulled roast chicken the pilaf & allow to come to room temperature for a salad too 🙂 Good luck with your hobs!


  3. I love chicken and pesto together! I need to make more pesto to freeze before my basil is gone now that fall is here. What a lucky nephew to have Sacher Torte for his birthday, that is one of my favorites.


    1. How do you make your pesto? It would be great if you have a recipe you’d like to share with me please 🙂 I love seeing different people’s adaptations of the same dish/recipe. Very lucky nephew. Lovely meeting you


      1. Someday I will have to get a pesto recipe up. I don’t always make it the same. Most often is a classic with basil, olive oil, garlic and cheese. Other times I may add in so e arugula, use hazelnuts, whatever floats my boat that day!


      2. I suppose my favorite is classic basil and pine nut. We just had pesto tonight with chicken and spaghetti squash! I love how IMK posts bring everyone together, great “meeting” you too.


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