MissFoodFairy's Sichuan pepper-salt chicken stirfry finished dish2   MissFoodFairy's Prawn coconut curry

Last week I received a message from Chi at Sunny Days are Love, telling me she’s going to do a podcast with 5 blogs she likes and Miss Food Fairy was one of them! What? No way! Really? Why? What have I done? All these questions were running through my head, then I became surprised, happy, a little (ok a lot) excited and amazed! I couldn’t stop smiling!

I thought this was a beautiful gesture made by someone I’ve never met before (well not in real life anyway!) and who lives in the Philippines. I hope one day when I travel to the Philippines, Chi and I will sit down over a home cooked meal she’s prepared for us and share some amazing food stories and recipes with each other.

How amazing is the internet and the World Wide Web? It’s the modern pen pal way of meeting new and wonderful people who have the same passion about food as you. Through the love of food, I’ve made a connection with a person on the other side of the world who shares the same tastes and home cooking that I love too.

I know I connect with all of you either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with all of us sharing some aspect of food together. I am so grateful to all of the people I meet every day through my blog, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest pages – you all inspire me so much.

So what’s a podcast? I’ve heard of them but never really listened to anything being put out over the internet before, have you? Podcast is the new broadcast with the difference being you listen to the songs, interviews, talk back or even videos that you wish to listen to when you want to listen, not when the broadcaster tell you what and when you should be listening. It’s all very interesting and it can be put ‘out there’ all over the world at any time of day. Here’s some more information I found out about podcasts – How to Podcast and Entrepreneurs Journey.

I’m actually listening to Chi as if she was on my radio right now, how cool is that! The only difference being is that I’m on my laptop instead of having the radio on! In her podcast on Imagine Radio, The Food Entrepreneur talks about the 5 best foodies on her Twitter account. Chi felt a connection with these 5 foodies and loves the dishes that are cooked from all over the world, with Asian influences or are quick and easy to prepare.

Deciding on these 5 foodies was hard as there’s so many amazing foodies out there but she picked these 5 as she related with them, they inspired her and all have the same desire for food. They’re easy recipes to follow with mouth watering dishes.

The five foodies are Story of the Kitchen, Simply called “food”, Miss Food Fairy, The Food God and The Weary Chef – go check them out. If you love to cook and prepare easy, delicious, healthy dishes for all your family and friends, you’re sure to be inspired

When it came to Miss Food Fairy, The Foodie Entrepreneur (Chi) talked about my Sichuan pepper-salt chicken stir fry and my prawn coconut curry.

A BIG thank you goes out to Imagine Radio and Co-Active Dreams for a great podcast. An even BIGGER thank you goes out to The Foodie Entrepreneur (Chi) for such a wonderful feature – I was truly surprised, as I’m sure all of the other foodies were. Such a great inspirational podcast, I can’t wait for the next instalment next week.

3 comments on “Podcast

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  2. Elizabeth

    That’s fantastic… I’m still new to the food blogging world, but I love your blog! I’m so excited for you! Liz x


    • Thank you so much Liz. I’m glad you’re loving my food journey, it’s great having you share this with me. It was a such a lovely surprise and I felt very honoured 🙂 Great seeing you again x


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