The language of food


Did you know that everyone can speak the language of food, even if you can’t understand the language the other person is speaking!?!

While in Thailand, staying at a small resort Baan Mai on Lon Island (Koh Lon), just off the south coast of Phuket Island, I had the opportunity to cook in the kitchen with a Thai chef.  It would have to be up there with one of the best experiences I have ever had!

I was a little nervous and anxious about cooking with someone who I couldn’t understand or that she couldn’t understand me, but the manager of the resort was our translator and my nerves soon calmed and we got down to cooking.

I was allowed to choose the dishes I’d like to make.  So I picked chicken Pad Thai, green chicken curry and an amazing dessert – Thai-style banana pancakes!! My husband just fell in love with these pancakes. They’re so light and fluffy, I’ve never seen such a pancake before, anywhere!

Chicken Pad Thai 2

Green chicken curry


All of the ingredients were already prepared when I walked into their kitchen. All I had to do was learn the cooking technique of the dishes. The ingredients used was explained as we cooked – the sauce they used for the Pad Thai was made from scratch as was the green curry paste. Yummy!! The chicken Pad Thai and green curry took no longer than ten minutes, start to finish! Really! That’s all it takes! And the flavours are amazing – tasted exactly the same when I cooked it as when we had ordered it for dinner!

Half way through cooking the Pad Thai, we had started on the green curry. Again, so easy and simple!  Really! It took no time at all!  No sooner had we plated up the Pad Thai we then placed the curry in a bowl! NO WAY! Time to eat – we get to eat what we make! The pancake was made after we ate my Pad Thai and green curry. The pancake only had three ingredients and was cooked within 8 minutes!

I seriously can’t believe how quickly these dishes were to cook! Sure, I didn’t have to do any prep as it was already hand-made by the chef beforehand.

I can’t wait to try these recipes out – they will be coming soon – but we’re just a bit over Thai food at the moment as that’s all we ate for three weeks!

If you ever get the chance to cook with any chef of a restaurant anywhere in the world, I recommend you get in there and cook! I found all the information that was given to me very valuable and will benefit my cooking here at home immensely. There are also restaurants at Patong Beach that do cooking classes also. Pum’s Thai restaurant and cooking school has three restaurants around Phuket Island. She is sometimes in the Patong Beach restaurant teaching people.  She has her already made take home curry pastes and spices, which is great if you’ve never cooked Thai before and want to learn the basic flavours. But I could never compare something out of a jar to the real, handmade by you ingredients from scratch that make these beautiful dishes.

Seriously an unbelievable experience!

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  2. Hi! I was in Thailand 2 months ago and we had the banana pancakes, really loved these! Could you please share the recipe? I would love to suprise my boyfriend with these.

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