My Inspiration

I continually search for new inspiration on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as other food blogs. I would love to hear from you if you have inspirational dishes for me to try. I love all cuisine and am willing to try anything once (be kind :)) I look forward to seeing some beautiful dishes from you. Thank you again for sharing this food journey with me.


I love all cooking shows and the majority of them happen to come from SBS Food. If there’s a recipe I don’t have time to write down or haven’t got the cookbook to the series yet, this is the one-stop place for the recipes shown on this cooking show.


Pinterest is full or amazing and wonderful recipes from all over the world. Everyday I always find something new that gets added to my recipe repertoire. I’m so lucky to find everything at the push of a button.


I find so much inspiration through all of my amazing cookbooks. I have significantly grown my cookbook collection over the past 6 months and one day hope to have an amazing bookcase, like Nigella Lawson, to show case them all in. I love all my wonderful presents and bargains I have come across, which continually make me grow as a cook.


When I came across Susan’s Sumptuous Suppers I had no idea I’d fall in love with her use of home grown produce, herbs she finds while out walking and what amazing dishes or products she makes with them. I love the raw, down to earth attitude and the back to basics use of herbs. I never knew how ‘old-school’ she was until I met her in person not too long ago – she certainly has a real passion for using what’s readily available to her advantage. I’m learning a lot about herbs that I never knew existed.


Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things – Such a lovely lady who has shown me a few things I didn’t know. Liz has taught me all about truffles and we share some similar passions – love of Luke Nyugen, Jerusalem by Ottolenghi and just the love of food. I love how she always favourites a tweet or gives me a retweet, which always makes me smile.


Rick Stein’s India – truly wonderful, amazing cooking show and book! When I watched his show I was in awe! I wanted more information and knowledge on cooking curries from India! I want to become a curry queen (ok, that might be a little too dramatic as I’d need a lifetime of cooking to be that good!) but I’m inspired to cook more curries, not just from India but all over Asia. If you love curries, check this show/book out – Rick Stein makes it look so easy. I’m hooked!


Back in January 2013 I watched a cooking show on TV called Exploring China A Culinary Adventure. I was intrigued by the journey Ken Horn and Ching-He Huangtook through China and the foods and spices they cooked with. I couldn’t stop watching, especially when they talked about the husk from the Sichuan flower pepper and its numbing effect it has when you taste it. I just had to try it! And I wanted to go back to China immediately! As I’ve seen the series, I can’t wait to get the cookbook! And as I recently made 101 Dumplings, I was taken back to this show when I made my Sichuan dipping sauce.


I love being inspired by food whenever we go out. And when the food is amazing & delicious, I can’t wait to recreate that dish. That’s what this cafe did for me – their food, hospitality and coffee was amazing! Thank you for inspiring me with your Spanish Omelette.


I am such a BIG fan of Jamie Oliver! I cook a lot like him – just throw ingredients together and you get a yummy meal!


You had better not disturb me when this MasterChef Australia is on! I love watching it with anticipation! It’s about normal everyday people cooking for their lives to become the best chef in Australia. I hope to one day become a MasterChef.


One of my first recipes (and as it was one of my first recipes! Seriously, not worth showing!!) when I started re-creating recipes, was from The Moveable Feasts! I was wanting to experiment with some Spanish flavours and had some leftover meat and came across Amy’s Tostadas de Tinga and a Jicama-Cabbage Slaw. Thank you for your inspiration


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