Here are a few great cookbooks I have and love or want to love! Some of them I’ve bought myself, and some I’ve been lucky enough to receive as gifts (after a few hints!) and some I can’t wait to get my hands on! Either through seeing them in the bookshop, or at the library or via a TV cooking show, I know that these cookbooks will be very much appreciated in my household. To me, they are a wonderful source of information and inspiration. Hope you get something out of them too.


Same Same but Different – Poh

MissFoodFairy's SamesamebutDifferent cookbook

Every since coming runner-up on MasterChef Australia, series 1, Poh has had two successful cookbooks (this being her second) and a successful cooking TV series, Poh’s Kitchen. Australia is a very multicultural society and Poh does a wonderful job in displying the way Australian’s like to cook and eat. Her influences in this cookbook are from her heritage of Chines/Malaysian and from her friends she’s met along her food journey – French, Italian and Greek, to name a few. See my post about the book signing – amazing night!


The Spicy Food Lovers bible – Dave DeWitt and Nancy Gerlach

MissFoodFairy's The spicy food lovers bible cookbook

Spices from all over the world! 250 recipes using spices from all over the world! Loving learning about spices from all over the world! This cookbook is absolutely wonderful (thank you to my husband who saw this book and knew I would love it!) Over the past couple of months I’ve just wanted to learn and explore all there is about herbs and spices and this cookbook just oozes information – which I can’t wait to read from cover to cover. Spices – I can now make my own blends like Harissa, from scratch!


Vietnamese Street Food – Tracey Lister & Andreas Pohl

MissFoodFairy's Vietnamese Streetfood cookbook

Am I spoilt or what? Another beautiful present from my husband! I hadn’t heard about this book but now I have it I want to know if there’s a TV series about it! The best thing about this cookbook is that, like street food, the recipes are easy to follow, quick and full of amazing herbs and spices, which I now have in my pantry and will be using for sure! You all know by now how much I love Asian food and I’m really looking forward to cooking my favourite recipe (yes, I’ve already bookmarked pages so I can cook them!) of Roasted duck – yumm!


Curry Nation – Madhur Jaffrey

MissFoodFairy's Curry Nation cookbook

Was I ‘happy as Larry’ when I found this cookbook! I had been searching high and low ever since I watched her cooking series by the same name. This series made me want to become a curry queen like her (still got a while to go yet!) and when I found this book (for a bargain price too – even better!) I just had to get it. Most of her recipes from the show weren’t on the website so now you can see why I’m thrilled – I have them all! Love Indian cuisine? You’ll love this cookbook – amazing!


Jerusalem – Yotam Ottolenghi

MissFoodFairy's Jerusalem cookbook

I had watched Ottolenghi’s Mediterranean Feast & Jerusalem on a Plate  sometime last year and was actually inspired to cook some amazing Middle Eastern food, something that I never thought would interest me. But I was! And one day, I picked up the book and bought it, and I’m so glad I did! It’s inspirational, some of the dishes are quite simple but flavourful and I cooked a meal the first night I brought it home! Delicious! Can’t wait to try more wonderful dishes from it


The Food of Vietnam – Luke Nguyen

MissFoodFairy's new cookbook MAY12th2014

My husband just bought this amazing cookbook for me for our Wedding anniversary! Such a lovely surprise. In case you didn’t know, I love Luke, his style of cooking, Vietnamese cuisine and cooking everything Asian. This cookbook is the heart and soul of Vietnam, with Luke travelling from the North to the South, from the East to the West – he leaves no stone unturned and learns some amazing cooking. I can’t wait to try his deep-fried spring rolls!


My Asian Grandmother’s Cookbook – Patricia Tanumihardja

MissFoodFairy's My Asian Grandmother's kitchen cookbook

My husband bought me this beautiful cookbook for Christmas and I absolutely adore it! Lots of recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation and learning the ‘real’ technique about cooking Asian cuisine. Such a wonderful inspiration – I read it from cover to cover! I also made a dish straight away – check out my Brandied chicken and mushrooms in oyster sauce adaptation. It really is just a mouth watering dish!


Simple Chinese Cooking Class – Kylie Kwong

MissFoodFairy's Simple Chinese cooking cookbook

OMG!! I borrowed this book from the library and immediately fell in love with this cookbook – I had to have it! So many dumpling recipes, so many step-by-step tutorials with pictures and amazing Asian dishes to cook! Love, love, love this book with all my heart. And I found it at Myer when they had 40% off all books! Looking forward to getting right into this cookbook.


My Little French Kitchen – Rachel Koo

MissFoodFairy's My Little French Kitchen cookbook

This is Rachel’s second book and if it’s anything like the success of her first book and TV series (My Little Paris Kitchen) this book should be just as good. Going on a trip all over France, delving into the different dishes from all over the country – it makes me want to go to France right now! My husband bought me this as a surprise – and boy was I surprised! Looking forward to experimenting with some different herbs and spices from that region.


Rick Stein’s India

Rick Stein's India cookbook

Loving curries at the moment! I want to learn as much as possible about them – hopefully becoming a curry queen one day 😉 I just happened to change channels on the TV today (December 2013) and here is Rick Stein cooking in India! Not only do I love cooking shows (as you all may or may not know) but I’ve just come to realisation that I love the simplicity Rick puts into the recipes/dishes he makes. I bought this cookbook at Myer when they had 40% off all books! How happy was I? Very, very happy! Here’s a few recipes from the show I watched – Whole eggs in coconut masala (egg molee), British beef Raj curry and Prawns with freshly grated coconut, green chillies and mustard seeds (Chingri daab). How amazing do these sound? OK, it’s time for me to stop drooling and start cooking!


Exploring China A Culinary Adventure – Ken Horn and Ching-He Huang

exploring-china-a-culinary-adventure cookbook exporing china dvd

Back in January 2013 I watched a cooking show on TV called Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure. I was intrigued by the journey Ken and Ching-He took through China and the foods and spices they cooked with. I couldn’t stop watching, especially when they talked about the husk from the Sichuan flower pepper and its numbing effect it has when you eat it. I just had to try it! And I wanted to go back to China immediately! My husband did buy me the DVD for my birthday – absolutely brilliant! Finding inspiration from the one and only Dumpling Master, my 101 Dumplings have never tasted better! Making my Sichuan dipping sauce took me right back to this series and I feel I have grown when it comes to using Sichuan peppercorns.


Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals – Jamie Oliver


I like that everything is quick and easy to cook.  Sometimes I don’t have as much time as I would like, or sometimes I just have to be somewhere else!  Always great produce and shows you don’t always have to make everything from scratch.


The Real Food Companion – Matthew Evans

The real food companion cookbook

WOW!! When my husband gave me this cookbook for my birthday last year, I was totally blown away! Watched his TV show – Gourmet Farmer – and just loved it! Matthew was a big food critic and decided he’d had enough and went to live the good life in Tasmania – a man close to my heart! It was like the biggest cookbook I’d ever seen! Matthew cooks very earthy meals with all organic produce from his farm. It’s fantastic to learn about letting the food speak for itself and showing you that don’t need to add unnecessary ingredients to create rich, amazing dishes. Going back to basics – wonderful!

Matt Preston’s 100 Best Recipes – Matt Preston

Matt Preston's 100 best recipes cookbook

When I got this book from my husband for Christmas, I was really impressed with the fact that Matt shows us recipes for not just the food we may make on a weekly basis, but what other dishes you could create with a basic Bolognese or a roast chicken, for example. This cookbook has been an amazing learning experience and who better to learn from – one of the world’s most renowned food critics!

The Silver Spoon – published by Phaidon

The silver spoon cookbook

The bible of authentic Italian cooking! Over 2000 recipes translated from Italian to English for the first time! AMAZING! When I bought this, I grabbed a bargain – less than half price – and I thought ‘what a fantastic book to have in my collection!’ and it is just wonderful. I know it’s a book that will be passed on to my nephews. Love learning about true, traditional cooking.


The Greater Mekong – Luke Nguyen

What an awesome Christmas present from my husband! I just love Asian food and this is definitely a book that will have good use! The ingredients aren’t something I always have in my pantry or fridge, but seriously – just AMAZING food! Love this book – one of my utmost favourites!


Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals – Jamie Oliver

Jamie's 30 minute meals cookbook

Received this book for my birthday last year and I just love it! Preparing whole meals with desserts in 30 minutes! Is that possible! I find it really amazing that this can be done. Can’t wait to give more recipes a go!


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