Our Thailand Holiday

Sorry I haven’t been around these past couple of weeks. In case you were wondering, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. I was feeling a bit off two weeks ago and last week we had our nephews for school holidays. Time got away and posting was the last thing on my mind. And now it’s time to holiday!!

My husband & I have finally booked a holiday to Phuket, Thailand!! YAY! Not only has it been a busy couple of years for hubby with work but we haven’t had anyone who could look after our baby boy, Kojiro. Thanks goodness we have a beautiful friend, Ness, who loves ragdolls and is willing to babysit our boy while away! I was freaking out for a while, actually, I still am! This will be our first time leaving him but I know he’ll be in the best hands ever.

So for the next 3 weeks, you can follow our Thailand journey on my Instagram account. See you in 3 weeks beautiful people xx


3 comments on “Our Thailand Holiday

  1. wow great holiday, nice!

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  2. Have a wonderful time!
    Safe travels,
    Helen X


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