Sichuan chilli oil

a.Miss Food Fairys Sichuan chilli oil #3

This has to be the best, spiciest and is definitely up there with one of the hottest chilli oils I’ve ever tried. I think to enjoy the whole experience of dumplings, you must have a fantastic chilli oil to go with them. Look no further, this chilli oil ticks all the boxes and has even the most non-chilli fanatics coming back for more. My husband & I can’t get enough of this oil. We’ll have it with our stir fries, meat or Asian style vegetables. My husband would have this on his corn flakes for breakfast if he could ;)

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Pork and prawn potstickers

a.Miss Food Fairys pork & prawn potstickers #4

Crispy, golden bottoms, steamed to perfection. There’s nothing better than biting into these little pockets of deliciousness, after dipping them into some soy and chilli oil! My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Lucky I have plenty in the freezer to quench my hungries!

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Dumpling wrappers

a.MissFoodFairys dumpling wrappers #1

To help celebrate my birthday – two years old this month – I thought I’d share with you my favourite all time dish, DUMPLINGS! I seriously love them! I can’t get enough! If I could, I think I would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, that’s how much I love them. I love them every possible way – steamed, boiled or fried to create potstickers. Over the next three posts, I’ll share with you:

♥ how to make wrappers from scratch
♥ my pork & prawn potstickers (fried dumplings)
♥ my chicken & coriander steamed dumplings

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Cherry tomato and ricotta mini tarts

a.MissFoodFairy's ricotta& cherrytomato mini tart baked

Where did February go? Half way through March already! I can’t believe that time has disappeared like that! It seems like I haven’t had time for any sharing or cooking in between my husband getting a new job, my sister being in hospital and preparing dumplings and sausage rolls for our Grand Prix Party. Apologies for not keeping my end of the bargain with my goals for 2015 but I suppose life just sometimes takes control.

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Asian pulled chicken tacos

a.MissFoodFairys pulled chicken Asian style #3

I am totally hooked on pita bread at the moment! I love the taste, how versatile they are and they’re a much healthier option than bread! If you find bread makes you feel full and lethargic, as I do, try pita bread, you won’t go back. They’re even a great alternative to pop in the kid’s lunch box for school.

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