My version of Chicken Adobo

@MissFoodFairy ChickenAdobo #1

As you may remember, I was recently challenged to cook this Filipino dish, Chicken Adobo. Sounds easy enough! I accepted the challenge and started researching my cookbooks, TV shows and the internet. Lucky I took notice of the Filipino Food Safari on SBS a couple of nights before! This will be just like any other Asian dish I’ve cooked – no worries at all! I’ve got this in the bag!?! Continue reading

In my Kitchen September 2015

@MissFoodFairy #IMKSEPT #1Welcome to Spring! And the first day of September certainly didn’t disappoint! Woke up to beautiful sunshine, no frost on the windows, hot air balloons landing near the lake (the #balcony view from our kitchen window) and a spring in our step as we know the warmer weather is upon us. Continue reading

Make your own tomato paste – it’s easy!

@MissFoodFairy Tomato paste #1

I have a couple of hours spare to write this post while my sous chef has his nap! I’ve been busy playing with our new family member, Kojiro, that I sometimes get lost in play-mode instead of writing about the food I’ve created! Sorry everyone & thank you for your patience – I know I haven’t been posting as often as I should. Continue reading

Two Foodies tell you why it is not easy as you thought!

Two foodies tell why . . .

Written by Cherrie McKenzie
Sponsored by CoActive Dreams

PODCAST #5 – In this podcast episode, I join Foodie Entrepenuer, Chi from Sunnydays Recipes, to talk about our happy cooking journey. Listen to our funny struggles when capturing food photographs, and how we managed to make our food work in pictures. Oh and I was challenged by Chi to recreate the classic Filipino Dish – Chicken Adobo!! Wish me luck!! Click on photo (above) to listen to the podcast. Continue reading

In my Kitchen August 2015

@MissFoodFairy #IMK August 2015 #1

It’s that time again for In my Kitchen – already! Is the year flying by or is it just me! August brings the end of Winter (hopefully) and my birthday! During the past couple of months I’ve been experimenting with new recipes, some of which hadn’t gone as planned but with the down falls comes more experimenting and testing. Stay tuned for some delicious dishes coming your way. Continue reading


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