Asian chicken patties with Asian slaw

Asian chicken patties with Asian slaw | Asian recipe | @MissFoodFairy

Are you ready for a taste sensation? Then you must give these Asian chicken patties a try. They are full of flavour, moist and golden while just being downright delicious! They’re very moreish, just ask my husband, who could eat these everyday if I made them! Without sounding too greedy, these are something we could easily eat the whole batch in one sitting, that’s how good they are. Continue reading

Mini pork schnitzel tostadas with a Japanese avocado mayo

Mini pork schnitzel tostadas #1 @MissFoodFairy

Tostada is a Spanish word meaning “toasted”. In Mexico and other parts of Latin America, it is the name of various local dishes which are toasted or use a toasted ingredient as the main base of their preparation. With a tostada, they’re open with all the toppings on the corn tortilla base which is very different to tacos or quesadillas. Tostadas are messy to eat, as with most Mexican food, but they are soooooooooo good, you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of serviettes on hand! Continue reading

The Top 10 recipes of 2015

TOP10 recipes from 2015 @MissFoodFairy

What a year 2015 was! It rushed by so fast that it felt as if I didn’t have time to stop and smell the sourdough baking. But the best thing about 2015 is that it’s over! So much happened personally and family-wise last year, that 2016 can only be bigger and better. Continue reading

In My Kitchen January 2016

#IMK JAN2016 @MissFoodFairy #1

Welcome to 2016! May the New Year bring happiness, prosperity and safety to you all – it’s going to be an amazing year for everyone. This photo is of the fireworks in Melbourne on New Years Eve which we took from our balcony. We spent New Years at home, listening to music while my husband & our friend James played guitar and playing a bit of PS4 (my husband’s Chrissy present), while we enjoyed great food, laughs and sparkling Shiraz, to bring in the New Year. How did you spend your New Years? Continue reading

Korean pickled onions

Korean pickled onions #1 @MissFoodFairy

How was everyone’s Christmas celebrations? My husband and I had our Christmas lunch with our family a couple of weeks ago, so all we’re doing is relaxing over this festive season. Continue reading


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