MissFoodFairy's Sichuan pepper-salt chicken stirfry finished dish2   MissFoodFairy's Prawn coconut curry

Last week I received a message from Chi at Sunny Days are Love, telling me she’s going to do a podcast with 5 blogs she likes and Miss Food Fairy was one of them! What? No way! Really? Why? What have I done? All these questions were running through my head, then I became surprised, happy, a little (ok a lot) excited and amazed! I couldn’t stop smiling! Continue reading

Winter warmer dish – Beef pot pies with sweet potato mash

MissFoodFairy's beef pot pies with peas & pesto 2

I read a lot of recipes a day. Whether it’s in my cookbooks, food magazines or online, I always find inspiration. I could have read the recipe ten or twenty times, looked at it and never thought anything of it. Then one day, I’ll pick up that magazine and suddenly, it dawns on me, I really feel like this tonight! Are you like that too? Continue reading

In my Kitchen August 2014

MissFoodFairy's first day cooking class

What a busy month it’s been! I’ve gone back to school three days a week to study Commercial Cookery. This not only benefits my cooking skills but teaches me about basics of many dishes that are prepared in commercial kitchens. I’ve learnt so many things in only four weeks but the one thing I’ve learnt is how to sharpen knives properly – my knives have never been sharper! Continue reading

Butter chicken

MissFoodFairy's butter chicken in serving dishes

Butter chicken is the most popular Indian curry – everyone knows about it, most people order it and love eating it. Is it the creamy tomato sauce, the way the chicken melts in your mouth or could it be that butter chicken has all the spice and flavour we love a curry to be, without being overly hot to the palette? Apart from the chicken and spinach curry I made recently, which was the mildest curry we’ve ever eaten, butter chicken would just have to be that good all-rounded curry, that satisfies everyone’s needs. Continue reading

Spinach and ricotta triangles

MissFoodFairy's spinach & ricotta triangles #1

I was introduced to Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie) about four or five years ago by a co-worker. She was Greek and often made this pie, plus other amazing Greek delights, for family dinners. Occasionally she would bring left-over Spanakopita into work to share with us, which wasn’t too often as her family would always eat it. But when she did bring some in, I enjoyed every mouthful immensely.

Continue reading


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