My delicious potato salad (the secret’s out!) Our Grand Prix Party 2014

MissFoodFairy's potato salad that rocks

Last weekend we had the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne and part of the track is basically right outside our place! We had the perfect view of the back straight – sorry if none of you are petrol heads or love fast, loud cars, I just love it! So my husband & I decided to show off our place and #balconyview with all our friends and family on Saturday and Sunday with our Grand Prix Party. We put on a HUGE spread – I was preparing everything for four weeks! Everyone loved the food (of course!) as well as the atmosphere, wine, beer and laughs – good day had by all.

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Sichuan pepper-salt chicken stir fry

MissFoodFairy's Sichuan pepper-salt chicken stirfry finished dish2

We’ve just had a friend from Japan stay with us for a couple of days, which has been really cool! We haven’t seen each other for almost a year! And although this is not a Japanese dish, our Japanese friend appreciated this one  – she could eat the meal with chopsticks instead of using a knife and fork! She felt right at home.

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Thai cooking class – Paladarr

MissFoodFairy's Thai cooking class - Paladarr

Fresh coriander . . . Fresh kaffir lime leaf . . . Freshly chopped ginger and galangal . . . Spicy chilli that makes you sneeze . . . Fish sauce . . . Oh I could go on and on about my favourite Thai ingredients. I could also go on about how cooking with them on the weekend, at my Thai cooking class, brought back memories of being in Thailand, wishing I was there, sitting by the pool or beach, drinking Singha and eating fish cakes or fresh red curry crab . . . Sorry, got a bit carried away! I wish we had smell-o-net.

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Delicious and healthy quinoa and kale patties

MissFoodFairy's quinoa and kale patties

So having found quinoa (and loving it!) the time had come to try kale – another superfood! Once again a bit behind the times! There are so many different ways to use kale – as a salad, baked as chips, in soups, risottos and pies. In fact, a lot of people are replacing their spinach, lettuce and even cabbage with kale, so the recipes are endless!

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Celebrate Health’s quinoa with lemon and thyme


I just love trying new products that I see on the supermarkets shelves, don’t you? I do taste testing for Taste and have done recipe testing for a cookbook or two. I thought that when I try new products, I would share them with you.

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