In my Kitchen June 2015

@MissFoodFairy IMK#8 And as the calendar flicked over to June, so did the weather. Going from lovely Autumn days of     18°C and sunshine to freezing cold 13°C with snow in the mountains! They say it’s been the coldest Melbourne has experienced in 20 years! And you can tell – flannelette sheets on the bed, wearing ugg boots (wool lined casual boots), fires burning (pictured above at my sister’s house, which isn’t far from her kitchen) and wearing beanies everywhere I go! Continue reading

San choy bau

San choy bau #7 @MissFoodFairy

‘Keep it simple’ was the push that I needed to hear – wise words from the Godfather of modern cuisine, Marco Pierre White, on Masterchef a couple of weeks ago. Up until that point, the food and recipes I created were hit and miss and I’ll be the first to admit it! Overcomplicating dishes, using too many ingredients, this is not the way I usually cook. It didn’t matter how hard I tried, my food couldn’t even look good in photos! That’s the reason for not too much sharing going on this past month. To me, food needs to not only look great but taste amazing and the dishes that make my husband and family smile is the food I will enjoy sharing with you. Continue reading

Pasta carbonara

a.MissFoodFairys no cream carbonara #7

It has been quite cool here in Melbourne for the past couple of weeks and yesterday was freezing – only 12°C with icy winds from the snow fields and lots of rain! Winter has come a month early! Apart from soup, there’s nothing better than a hot bowl of creamy carbonara for lunch to make you feel toasty and forget the rainy mess outside. Continue reading

In my Kitchen May 2015

a.MissFoodFairys wasabi cheese omelette

I love experimenting with flavours and this omelette is no different. Made with Gippsland free range eggs, from the Queen Victoria Market, wasabi cheese and kale micro herbs – delicious! Welcome to In my Kitchen for the month of May. So much to share with you all . . . so let’s get started. Continue reading

Chicken, Shiitake and noodle stir fry

a.MissFoodFairys chicken&Shiitake noodle stirfry #4

I apologise for the lack of posts since my last – I’ve been taking make-up classes for school over the past couple of weeks. I missed out on my classes for stocks, sauces & soups last year when I was taken to see Rick Stein and they had to be completed for me to get my Commercial Cookery certificate. I’m all done now & hope to be back in full swing sharing with you some dishes I’ve been trying. Continue reading


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