Easy mushroom pilaf

MissFoodFairy's mushroom pilaf rice #4

Pilaf, pilau, palau or plov, however you call it, it’s basically a rice dish that’s cooked in a seasoned stock, either in the oven or on the stove top. Where did pilaf originate from? There are so many variations from all over the world, that quite possibly they all influenced each other in some sort of way – Greek, Indian, Middle Eastern or Spanish, they all have their own variations and different ingredients used.

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An evening with Rick Stein at Bannisters . . . Part 1

MissFoodFairy's entrance to Bannisters #2

What a wonderful, amazing and spectacular birthday celebration I’ve had! My husband and I drove from Melbourne to Mollymook, New South Wales (over two days, stopping in Canberra Australian Capital Territory overnight) to be part of a very privileged group of food enthusiasts to dine with Mr Rick Stein at his boutique restaurant, Bannisters. This is an invitation to Bannisters guests only.

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In my Kitchen September 2014

MissFoodFairy's prosciutto, blue cheese, pear, walnut & rocket pizza

Another month gone (is this year going fast or what?) and we’re back with Celia at Fig Jam & Lime Cordial’s In my Kitchen. This is such a great way to meet new and wonderful people from all over the world who love sharing their kitchen and what’s in it every month.

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Basil and pistachio pesto

MissFoodFairy's Basil&pistachio pesto #7

Do you believe that my first semester (7 weeks) of commercial cookery has already finished!? I can’t believe how quick that’s gone! So many amazing simple dishes have been created in that time, which I would bring home to share the fruits of my labour with my husband. He’d come home, eat what I made and say “you can make that any time of the week!” Thank you for such a lovely compliment :)

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MissFoodFairy's Sichuan pepper-salt chicken stirfry finished dish2   MissFoodFairy's Prawn coconut curry

Last week I received a message from Chi at Sunny Days are Love, telling me she’s going to do a podcast with 5 blogs she likes and Miss Food Fairy was one of them! What? No way! Really? Why? What have I done? All these questions were running through my head, then I became surprised, happy, a little (ok a lot) excited and amazed! I couldn’t stop smiling! Continue reading


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